Personalize items for a pregnancy with name, text and print


You want to surprise someone with a gift while she is pregnant? Here you will find nice presents for the baby and the mother-to-be. For example, a special piece of jewellery such as a beautiful bracelet or a necklace with personal engraving.


Pregnant? How nice! Then you can't wait to buy all kinds of nice things for the baby. Take a look at our handy diaper bag that you can personalize with a fun text or print. Are you pregnant yourself or do you know someone who is? Of course you should celebrate this special time. There is a lot to do, fun things, but also less fun things. One of the more fun things, for example, is coming up with an original baby name. How cool and original is it to announce the baby's name after the birth with a baby hat? Name gifts are also very nice as maternity gifts. For example, take a look at our pregnancy gift basket with the baby's name.


Do you want to give someone a funny present during pregnancy? Then go for a belly band with a fun text. Always a success! It doesn't have to be a problem at all that you don't know the baby's name yet. You can always think of something funny to give as a present. Often the mommy's to be already have all sorts of funny names that they give their baby in public, such as 'Mini me' or 'little ...'. Get this printed, a super fun and original gift!


Take a look below and discover our fun gifts for during or after pregnancy. Get started with the design and immediately see a preview in the preview tool. This way, you will always have an original and unique gift! Moreover, all these gifts will arrive at your home very quickly.