This sauna bathrobe is super unique and has an elegant look because of the 100% cotton waffle fabric. What makes this bathrobe even more unique is the fact that you can have a name embroidered on the back. Super nice to give as a gift to your mother, uncle or a good friend. With this sauna bathrobe they can relax and unwind extra well.


This waffle bathrobe is widely used in spas and hotels. The 100% cotton fabric, which is of a sturdy and good quality, absorbs moisture. This is great when you go to the spa or sauna for a day because nobody likes to walk around in a damp bathrobe, of course. But you can not only use this product when you go to the spa. Even if you have just showered or want to put on comfortable clothes in the morning when you get out of bed, this bathrobe is wonderful. You can choose from different sizes, but note: the sizes are wide. However, after you wash the bathrobe, it will get its correct fit. We recommend to iron the bathrobe after washing so that the bathrobe retains the correct dimensions.

The model has a kimono style with wide sleeves and a hood.


The nice thing about this bathrobe is that you can have a name embroidered on the back, so that it really becomes your own personal bathrobe. The embroidery looks super elegant. You have the choice between a graceful font and a tighter font, it just depends on what suits you best. After selecting a font of your choice, you can determine the colors of the yarn and enter the name that you want to have embroidered on the bathrobe. And then you're done; we do the rest for you!

If you are looking for a nice gift package, perhaps a relax package. Then you can combine the sauna bathrobe with our towel with name!

Product features

  • Size is very large. Order one size smaller.
  • Na het wassen krijgt de badjas zijn uiteindelijke pasvorm.
  • Provided with a hood
  • Wafer fabric
  • Fast drying and absorbent fabric
  • Material: 100% turkish cotton