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Personalized products with your own text and logo

You can find the perfect baby present at Bulbby!

Looking for a fun baby present with name? Bulbby has got a lot of cool gifts for baby’s and toddlers. At Bulbby, you will find a personalized and original present in a heartbeat! Like this blankets for in your baby’s crib. We also have nice stickers for the baby room or clothing with his or her name on it. You can also choose to send the present directly to the newborn’s parents! Very easy and a great surprise!

Diaper bag as a baby present

A great – and handy – gift for the newborn’s mom. We have got great and solid diaper bags, which can be easily carried around such as at the baby’s first outing or first visit to you! Try for example this diaper bag with the Big Star logo.

Baby shirts as maternity gift

A cute baby shirt as present will always be populair. The shirts from Bulbby will definitely be a pleasant surprise! Thanks to the perfect fitting, good quality and original prints, you will always give an handy and original gift. De baby shirts are available in the colors: white, petrol, grey and pink.



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