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Het product is succesvol aan uw winkelwagen toegevoegd


Er zijn 0 artikelen in uw winkelwagen. Er is 1 artikel in uw winkelwagen.

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shirt met naam
rugzakje 0-6

Are you looking for a nice children’s bag? A backpack, sports bag or shoulder bag? Whatever you are looking for, you are at the right place at Bulbby! Bulbby specializes in printing all kinds of products, especially for babies and children. We have many bags for children in our assortment. Nice to give and to get as a gift. Design your own trolley or suitcase for a wonderful start of your holiday. A sports bag is a nice gift if your child or grandchild gets his/her swimming certificate. And for the first day of school your child will steal the show with a bag with his or her name on it! You can personalize all our products. Choose a suitable color combination, a nice logo and add the name of your child or another text to make it complete.

Ordering a children’s bag

In our design tool you can easily design a bag for your child. Select the bag of your choice and pick the color you like. Then choose a logo and enter the name of your child or another text. You can immediately see the end result. When te bag is completely to your liking, you can order it and we’ll start working for you. After receiving your payment the item will be send within three working days. If you have any suggestions for other bags or logos for children, please let us know via info@bulbby.com or marketing@bulbby.com.

Choose one of our children's bags here!
€ 24.95
Small backpack

Personalized backpacks for kids with a name and logo. We have a variety of designer logos that will go perfectly with the backpacks. Personalize your kid's backpack and you'll never lose it!

€ 24.95
Denim backpack with name (Special)

New at Bulbby: a small denim backpack with name! This variant of our backpack 0-6 years, is a cool backpack for boys and girls. Because we received so many questions about introducing a denim backpack, we decided to design it. This little backpack is made of sturdy cotton and really feels like denim. 

Information about the denim backpack with name

The denim backpack with name is just as big as our backpack 0-6 years, namely 22x24x10 cm. You can easily put some lunch, drinks and an apple or something in it. In addition, the backpack has two small side pockets where something small can be stored. The backpack also has one inside pocket with a zipper inside. The flap at the front is attached with Velcro. Note: this bag is made of different material than the backpack 0-6 years. The fabric of this backpack is not water-repellent, but can be washed more easily. 

Order your own denim backpack with name!

Ordering a denim backpack is super easy. You choose a nice name logo from above in our preview tool. For example, look at our hearts logos, logos with animals or logos with stars. Then fill in the text fields yourself and you can change the colours of the name logo. You directly see what your denim backpack with name will look like. Place the item in your shopping basked and voilà: you can order a backpack with name!

€ 26.95
Suitcase (small)

Nice little guest house or toy suitcases! Available in different colours and one size. Also very nice as a maternity suitcase or as a gift with some small gifts inside. And also good to use as a toy suitcase by the reinforced sides.

Suitcase as a maternity gift

This children's suitcase is made of canvas and is easy to keep clean with a brush. The suitcase with name also has a handy compartment inside, in which you can store small items. Our suitcases have been a success for many years and are often used as a birthday gift and baby shower gift with name. It's also cool to give it as a maternity gift with some small gifts put in it! We keep designing new name logos that are fashionable and modern. For example, there is a suitable design for every child. 

Buy a children's suitcase

Go to work in our design tool above and design your own children's suitcase. 

Do you want a suitcase printed with a name and your own company logo in it? That's certainly possible. Mail the logo to info@bulbby.com and receive a tailor-made quotation. This can be done from 1 piece.

€ 34.95
Backpack classic (large)

These new backpacks in pastel colors from Bulbby are super nice! Available in two sizes and colors.

€ 29.95
Backpack Classic (small)

These new backpacks in pastel colors from Bulbby are super nice! Available in two sizes and colors. You can print your own name and/or other text on the backpack to make it completely personal!

€ 27.95

New! Fashionable and tough reporter bags. Fun for the slightly bigger kids who also want a sturdy satchel with name or print. Available in red and bright blue. Also handy to use as a laptop bag .

€ 26.95
Junior backpack

Our junior backpack is suitable for all schoolchildren. The backback can beused for school, sports and even holidays. The backpack is also available in a larger size.

The backpack has adjustable shoulder straps and is therefore suitable for children of many different ages. The junior backpack with name has a good size, which fits a lot. The junior backpack is made of water-repellent 600D material and is easy to clean with a cloth. 

Order a junior backpack with name

There are many different colours available, both for boys and for girls. For example, we've got the junior backpack in the colours fuchsia, bright blue and navy. Just look above and choose which colour you like the most. On the side of the bag, the Bulbby B is printed in silver. 

Decide for yourself which name logo you want to have printed, which colours you would like and which namemay be printed on it. This way, you can easily design your own backpack with name. It's so easy to order!

Back to school bags

A backpack with name is a nice gift if your child goes back to school again! Especially for this school year, we have added new colours to our junior backpacks. The backpack can now also be ordered in mint and anthracite!

€ 29.95
Junior backpack (large)

After requests of the bigger kids we have now a large version of the junior backpack. The size is comparable with the  other backpacks. It also fits a large binder. So an ideal backpack especially for older kids!

School backpack

The size of this backpack is comparable to other backpacks from well-known brands. The backpack is made of sturdy 600D material. Because of the adjustable shoulder straps, this school bag is super comfortable. A large binder fits in, so there is enough space for your school stuff. 

Design a backpack with name

Thanks to the handy design tool, you can design this backpack completely in your own style. You can choose from a wide range of colours, prints and fonts so that you can design a backpack in your own style. We've got trendy logos for boys and girls!

Order your junior backpack large with name!

Get started quickly and design your own backpack. Choose your favourite name logo and adjust the text. You will design your unique backpack with name!

If you want to order large quantities, please contact our customer service via info@bulbby.com.

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