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shirt met naam

Children’s clothing with name is always fun to get and fun to give. It’s personal, original and also nice to keep as a souvenir when the children grow up. Children’s clothing with name is very suitable as a gift for a baby or as a birthday present. Not only the children will appreciate it, you will also surprise the parents! Children’s clothing with name is also great for the holidays.

Original children’s clothing with name

At Bulbby you can make the nicest clothes with name for your child in just a few simple steps. We have a large collection of garments, in both boys and girls models. The unique designs are specially designed for Bulbby and you will not find them anywhere else. Our fun logo’s make the garment with name even more special and with them you are ensured you have a original piece of clothing in your hands. In the design tool you can choose your favorite color combination, image and name or text. You can immediately see the end result. Ordering is also possible online and you can pay easily and safely. In our webshop you will find all items of clothing and other nice items to personalize, such as bedding, suitcases, bags, booklets and stickers.

Special wishes?

Do you have any special wishes? We are happy to help you out! You can mail us at info@bulbby.com.

Buy your children's clothing here
€ 29.99
Baby pyjamas

Are you looking for a unique maternity gift for a friend, your sister or someone else in your environment who is pregnant? Then these baby pyjamas are a great option! The shirt is printed with a print and name or text of your choice. This makes the gift extra special and it is not just any pajama that you give as a present.

Baby pyjamas with name

To have the baby pyjamas printed with a name, you have to go through a few easy steps in our design tool above. First, you choose a cute print. Maybe something that fits in the nursery! Second, you choose the color of the print. Do you want to match it with the bottom? Then you can, for example, choose a print with red in it. The nice thing is that you determine this yourself. Third, fill in the text field or fields. You may want to have the baby's name and/or date of birth printed on the shirt. That is all possible. When you have done that, you will see the final result in the design tool to the left of the text fields. Satisfied? Then you can place the baby pyjamas in the shopping cart, complete your order and we will make it with love.

Pyjamas for the family

Of course you can also buy the baby pyjamas for your own little one. You can even match with the whole family. We also have children's pajamas and pajamas for men and women in our range. Nice for a sleepover in the living room, an evening watching movies on the couch or when you are all going on holiday together.

It is good to know that the baby pyjamas come as a set. This means that the bottom comes with a white T-shirt with long sleeves.

Have you become enthusiastic? Get started quickly with your own design above!

€ 9.99
Face mask medium

Wearing a face mask is important for your own health and for the health of the people around you. In public transport it is even mandatory to wear one. Hopefully, by wearing a mouth mask, we all reduce the chance of spreading the virus through coughing, sneezing or touching your own nose or mouth. At Bulbby you order a face mask with a print and a text of your choice or with your own logo.

Printed face mask

This polyester sublimation face mask (which can be printed in full color) consists of three layers, two of which are made of polyester and the inner layer is made of cotton. The outside of the mask can be designed entirely by yourself. In the design tool above you can choose a print, determine the colors of the print and fill in the text fields. You immediately see the end result of your mask.

This medium face mask has a size of 18 x 11 cm. This mask is elastic and therefore a suitable mask for a large range of ages. We recommend to go for size S for children up to 8 years old. Below you can see the sizes of the 3 mouth masks:

Size S: 11 x 16 cm

Size M: 11 x 18 cm

Size L: 12 x 20 cm

Face mask with logo

Are you looking for a mask for the staff of a company or for members of an association? You can also print the mouth mask with a logo. Send an email to zakelijk@bulbby.com and ask about the possibilities. We will then make a digital example of the face mask with logo and a free quote. Send the logo directly in an AI or EPS file, so that we can get started immediately.

€ 9.99
Fcae mask small

Face mask for children

Children also need a face mask at times. They can use it in schools and in various other places. It is very handy if you can print a face mask with your own name, a nice print or your own text. It is also very convenient for supervisors that the mouth masks cannot be changed because the printing makes it very clear which face mask belongs to which kid.

Face mask with print

This small polyester face mask (also called mouth mask) can be printed in full color with beautiful prints, a name, initials, logo and / or a nice text. This smallest face mask consists of two layers, the inner layer is made of cotton. The second layer is open and you can put a tissue or a filter in it for extra protection. The outside of the mask can be designed entirely by yourself. In the design tool above you can choose a print, determine the colors of the print and fill in the text fields. You immediately see the end result of your mask.

The mask has a size of 11 x 16 cm. Furthermore, it is elastic and therefore a suitable mask for children up to about 8 years old. After this age we advise you to choose a mouth mask size M. The dimensions of the mouth masks are:

Size S: 11 x 16 cm

Size M: 11 x 18 cm

Size L: 12 x 20 cm

Printed mouth mask for schools and sports clubs

Do you need a larger amount of face masks, for example for a school, an association or a sports club? Please contact our business department for a tailor-made offer. It is also possible to print your club logo or school logo on our mouth caps. More info: zakelijk@bulbby.com.

€ 34.99
Baseball jacket (kids)

Cool baseball jacket with name or a nice print. This baseball jacket is ideal for sport teams and it is possible to get it printed with your own team or club logo. In case of the latter, just send us an e-mail or give us a call to discuss. 

The baseball jackets are available in different colours and prints. Also available in adult sizes!

If you're looking for a jacket that feels good and looks cool, our baseball jacket is the perfect choice. You can have your name printed on it with a cool print of your choice. Also, the logo of the club where you sport can be printed on the baseball jacket. This is super nice for your entire team! For this, we offer a nice group discount. You can obtain this discount via our Customer Serivce. Reach our Customer Service via info@bulbby.com.

This jacket is available in different beautiful colours. Select your favourite design above and order your baseball jacket with name directly. This jacket can be printed on the front or the back, which can be determined in our design tool. 

€ 29.99

Our fun onesies with name are available in two nice basic colors: dark gray and navy. You can choose yourself which print you want on it. Add your name, initial or any other text to it and you have your own personalized onesie! 

Note: these onesies are small. Check the size chart to choose the right size.

The Bulbby onesieswith name are nice and soft and made of 100% cotton. They are great to chill in! Great about our onesies is that you can have them printed with your own name. Children often find this super fun! They will be extra proud of their own onesie. It's even more fun when they design their own onesie.

Start above in our designtool and design your own onesie with name. Choose the colour that you like and decide which logo, which text and in which colours you want the onesie to be printed. You can easily design a personal and unique piece of clothing. How great is that? An original gift with name!

€ 13.99

Do you also want a hat printed with your own name, initials or a nice text? Then design your own hat at Bulbby! We've got several nice colours and name logos that you can choose from. Awesome!

Hat with name

A hat with name is fun for a lot of different things. For example, it's useful when you exercise: order, for example, hats for the entire team! It's also nice to order hats with your family, for a family day for example. You can think of lots of fun designs. Of course, a hat with name is also a cool birthday gift for children. Hats are fashionable, and when their own name is printed on the cap, they will be certainly more proud of it!

Design your own hat

Get started immediately by designing a hat in our designtool. Choose one of our cheerful name logos and customize the text yourself. Have you seen our new summer logos? We know for sure that there is something nice for every kid! Then you adjust the colours of the text and voilà: the result of your own design is immediately visible. Place the hat in your shopping cart and you're ready to order!

€ 18.99
Cooking apron (kids)

A personalized cooking apron for children to cook together with mum or dad! These cooking aprons are also available in adult sizes. Choose a logo you like and add your name and/or any other text, to make it completely personal! Available in two sizes. For the age groups 3-5 and 5-12 years.

Cooking apron (kids)

This cooking apron is handy and fun to bake cookies or to help mom and dad during cooking. And ideal, because your beautiful clothes won't get dirty during cooking and baking thanks to this nice children's apron. This apron can simply be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees and the print remains.

Print a cooking apron

This children's apron with name or other text is also fun as a birthday present for a child. And do you have a great cook in home? Then order such a nice matching kids chef's hat. Cooking together with mom and dad? These kids' aprons are fun to combine with the apron for adults!

€ 12.18
Chef's hat (kids)

Personalize your own chef's hat with your name! Fun for cooking party's and to give as a gift. Also available in adult sizes. 

Chef's hat as a birthday present

Are you looking for an original birthday gift for a boy or girl who loves baking or cooking? This chef's hat is the perfect gift! Every present from Bulbby has a personal touch. A personal gift is very nice for children. Experience has taught us that children are often super proud of their chef's hat with name.

Print a chef's hat

We have designed pretty name logos that are fun ont the children's chef's hats. Many of these logos match the name logos you can choose on the children's aprons. This way, you can always make nice combinations.

Discover the convenience itself and get started with the design of a chef's hat with name. Children find it often very nice to be able to help with personalizing! 

Mail to info@bulbby.com if you want a custom logo printing or when you want to receive a discount.

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