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Het product is succesvol aan uw winkelwagen toegevoegd


Er zijn 0 artikelen in uw winkelwagen. Er is 1 artikel in uw winkelwagen.

Gratis verzending v.a. €60,- Hoge kwaliteit Spoed: voor 14.00 uur besteld zelfde dag verstuurd Ontwerp zelf!

Christmas presents for business partners or employees

Just a little while to go and the time has finally come: Christmas! Business partners, employees and children of employees are always happy to receive a gift with their own name on it. To help Santa Claus, we have selected some nice Christmas gifts.

Cooking apron with name

Always a huge success is our cooking apron. For both partners and employees, as well as for dads and mums, Bulbby has nice cooking aprons with name and logo. We also have nice children’s aprons! Perfect to give as a Christmas gift.

Meisje in keuken met rood kinderschort met naam     Vrouw in keuken met antraciet kookschort met naam bedrukt

Are you looking for more inspiration? Make sure to check out our website!

See more of our Christmas gifts for business partners...
€ 24.95
Christmas sweater (kids)

A Christmas sweater with your name or text! Available in loads of funny prints and good for the little ones and teenagers. Also available in adult sizes.

€ 24.95
Christmas sweater (adults)

A Christmas sweater with your name or text! Now available at Bulbby and can be provided with a funny text! 

Available in diverse colours and all kinds of prints.

€ 12.95
Christmas bag

This personalised Christmas sack is a fabulous alternative to the Christmas stocking. Stuff this Santa sack with presents and you're guaranteed a great Christmas! 

€ 17.95
Cooking apron (kids)

A personalized cooking apron for children to cook together with mum or dad! These cooking aprons are also available in adult sizes. Choose a logo you like and add your name and/or any other text, to make it completely personal!

€ 11.95

Set your table with a beautiful white napkins with name, initials, prints or fun texts. Email or phone Bulbby for advice (info@bulbby.com). Tip: Excellent gift to bring along to a dinner party!

€ 44.95

Your festive table covered with a beautiful white tablecloth and matching napkins with name, initials, or fun prints texts. It is also possible for the tablecloth to be printed. Email or call for this to Bulbby for personal advice (info@bulbby.com). Hint: Super gift to take to the host or hostess!

€ 11.95
Christmas bag (small)

Are you looking for a fun Christmas bag with name? We can print any name and/or other text you like!

€ 3.95
Christmas gift packaging (small)

Are you looking for fun ideas to wrap your Christmas presents? At Bulbby you can personalize your Christmas gifts with this Christmas gift packaging!

€ 4.95
Christmas gift packaging

Make Christmas even more personal with this gift packaging which you can personalize with your name and/or text.

€ 18.95
Reindeer - Stuffed animal

€ 19.95
Tea box

This nice, wooden tea box can be printed with a personal text and/or name. Nice to give as a gift or to just keep yourself! This wooden tea box has 12 compartments you can keep your different flavors of tea in. A real eye-catcher on the table!

€ 12.95

Nothing can be more satisfying than to drink from your personal mug, especially one with your name, print or text! Such an original mug will make your cup of tea or coffee even more enjoyable! Easy for at home or the office, this way everyone will always have their own unique mug!

You can also order this gift in larger numbers for your customers and clients. Do you have a business request or do you want to know the prices and feautures? Please get in touch with our business department: info@bulbby.com

€ 39.95

Beautiful plaids with a nice sturdy finished hem. These plaids are printed with flock (felt). Available in warm red, camel and anthracite. 

€ 15.95
Placemats (set of 2)

Fabulous placemats personalized with the name or print of your choice. Great for a special meal.

€ 39.95

Our fun onesies with name are available in two nice basic colors: dark gray and navy. You can choose yourself which prints you want on it. Add your name, initial or any other text to it and you have your own personalized onesie! 

Note: these onesies are small. Check the size chart to choose the right size.

€ 44.95
Travel trolley (small)

These suitcases are specially made for children, ideal for a holiday, weekend away or a sleepover party! The suitcases are super sturdy and available in 4 colours. Add an illustration and /or text of your choice.

€ 54.95
Travel trolley (large)

We now offer a trolley case for older kids with name and logo. Also suitable for the younger ones for a slightly longer holiday stay. Or what about dad's and mom's on stage with a trolley with the family.

€ 17.95
Thermo coffee mug

Whether you fancy hot coffee or tea, take it to go in this thermo mug, insulated and designed with your own print or text to get you through the day. The BPA-, phthalate-, and lead-free interior means you can sip and savor safely.

€ 12.95
Jute bag

Fashion jute bag for your groceries , your books or to use as gift bags with personalized text.

€ 9.95
Chef's hat

Fun personalized chef’s hat! Fun for cooking parties, cooking clubs or as a gift. Can be combined with a personalized apron. The chef’s hat has a an adjustable Velcro strap which makes it suitable for all ages. Great in combination with an apron or kids’ apron.

€ 18.95
Toiletry bag

A great, useful gift: a printed beauty case! Our toiletry bag is designed to match our other bags. The toiletry bag is made of a robust material and has a very nice finish.

€ 12.95

Fashionable beanie, can be printed with your own text or name. Warm and super tough! Also fun for footbal or hockey players with your number or club logo.

During winter, it's very nice to go ice skating or to have a snowball fight (when it snows!). Of course, you want to be well protected against the cold and look nice at the same time. Protect yourself from the cold and frozen ears with our beanie with name. 

The beanie is available in seven different colours, so there is choice for everyone. You personalize your beanie by selecting one of our trendy colours, then you choose a print and print colour and finally you decide which cool text or name you want to be printed on the beanie. The steps are very simple!

€ 9.95
Chef's hat (kids)

Personalize your own chef's hat with your name! Fun for cooking party's and to give as a gift. Also available in adult sizes. 

€ 14.95
Make-up bag

New! Handy make-up bag. This make-up bag, pen holder or storage bag is multifunctional! You can use it for whatver you want! Handy for all the loose stuff in your bag.

This make-up bag can be printed with your own name and/or text.

€ 4.95
Wooden hanger

Natural wooden hangers with printing. Nice for decoration! There are various print options so therefore, there will be something for everyone. For example, choose an animal or just text. We print it just the way you want it!

€ 7.95
Paper lantern

These paper lantern are suitable for inside and out. These paper lanterns are available in white and can be personalized with your own text or name.

The bags are made of tyvek and feel like paper. Tyvek is a save and synthetic material that doesn't rip. 

€ 9.95
Wine bag

New! Gif a bottle of wine as a gift in this beautiful winebag made from canvas. Can be personalized with a text or name, also looks very atmospheric on a table. Available in the colour black and a natural teint. 
Also available with a company logo and ideal as a business gift. Mail for more information to info@bulbby.com

€ 17.95
Pillow case (50x50cm)

Pillowcase printed with name. Now a bigger version from 50 x 50 cm. Fun to change with the smaller version. Available in loads of colours and a lot of prints. For every room and/or interior there is something suitable! From €3,50 extra you can also get the stuffing with it.

€ 11.95

A dishcloth with your own cookinglogo or a funny text. Original present to give at a dinner party. Also nice for when your son or daughter moves out. Doing the dishes is extra fun now! 

€ 14.95
Breakfast plate

New! Breakfast plate can be printed with name and/or text. Made from ceramics.

€ 13.95
Difrax baby bottle

Your own Difrax bottle, printed with your name on it! You will never lose this one for sure. Perfect to bring with you to daycare, the babysitter or to your grandparents. 

Difrax designed the S-bottle: the baby bottle which prevents intestinal cramps and which keeps the natural nutrients. It is the best sold baby bottle in the Netherlands!

Difrax baby bottle

You will never loose this Difrax baby bottle with the name of your child. The name is placed with a permanent sticker. It is a fun and personal baby shower gift: the Difrax baby bottle with name. Most babies need a bottle; how much fun is it to have a bottle printed with the baby's own name? The bottle can simply be put in the dishwasher. However, the print can wear slightly after frequent use. 

Buy a baby bottle!

Go to work in our design tool and choose your favourite colour baby bottle. Then choose a print that you like for the baby. Determine the colour of the imprint yourself and fill in the name of the child. This is how you order a very personal name gift at Bulbby. So, quickly buy your baby bottle!

 This is how you order a very personal name gift at Bulbby! So quickly buy your baby bottle!

€ 19.95
Water bottle

Atmospheric dining with these beautiful water bottles, can be provided with a name or text. 

€ 0.00
Baby Christmas t-shirt

We don't forget the little ones! Even for them we've got christmas t shirts. They match with the ones for the elder.

€ 14.95
Cotton bag

You can design your own organic cotton bag with a print that fits you! Perfect for holding your books or groceries. You can also take this bag to school or to other events.

€ 3.50
Heart of felt

Heart of felt, can be provided with text, name or fun print. Can be used for diverse occacions like, Christmas, Valetinesday, mothersday, weddings, birthdays etc... Also can be used on a bottle of wine, wrapped present or to hang on someting.

€ 13.95

You’ll sleep well on a pillowcase printed with your own text, a kiss or a heart. This makes an original Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gift. A great Valentine’s gift too! 

€ 16.95
Children's plate

With this kids name plates with every meal is a party for the children. This sign with name every year fun to use .

These signs are fun as birth gift, birthday gift or to use for a party These plates for kids are made of a high quality and extremely durable plastic . This allows the plates are solid and they go extra long.

Tip! These children's plates are a great success as a gift !

€ 11.95
Fleece col

Warm ski col with your own text or name. Perfectly warm and very nice! You can use this fleece col while skiing, snowboarding or iceskating.
Also nice for sports teams who train in the winter. We can give you a discount if you order 10 pieces or more. Mail to info@bulbby.com if you're interested

€ 14.95
Paper bag (large)

New! Paper craft bag to be printed with your own text, name, and/or print. Looking the easy and fancy solution for loose stuff? Your house will be looking tidy again with these paper bags! These super practical bags are made from thick craft paper which makes them stand up straight. 

€ 11.95
Paper bag (small)

New! Paper craft bag to be printed with your own text, name and/or a nice print. Available in two sizes. The smaller size is good for all the loose stuff. Fold the top over for a cool edge.

€ 19.95
Soap dispenser

This handy soap dispenser can also be provided with a personal text or print. Nice for in your toilet, kitchen or bathroom. With this handy dispenser you put the right dosage soap on your hand. This dispenser is also a perfect gift for a new kitchen or bathroom. Washing your hands is even more fun now! 

The soap dispenser is made of ceramic and therefore we offer the product in one colour: white. Fortunately, you can have a lot of nice designs printed on the pump. How about a goldfish, or just a nice text? We have a suitable design for every kitchen or bathroom. The dimensions are 7x17.5 cm and therefore enough soap fits in.

A soap dispenser with name is a nice gift for someone who recently moved. Everyone needs a soap dispenser, but it's not the first thing you think about when you are going to purchase a new interior. The personal touch that you add to it, makes it an extra nice and special gift. 

Select your favourite design above and order your soap pump with name right away!

€ 14.95
Toothbrush holder

This toothbrush holder can be printed with your own text, name or print.

This toothbrush holder gives a personal touch in the bathroom. Good for four toothbrushes. Because of the diversity of prints it can be fitted into the style of your bathroom!

€ 12.95
Pencil holder

Handy pencil holder for on your desk. This pencil holder is from ceramics and can be printed with your own name, text and/or print that fits with you!

€ 17.95
Canvas shopper

This organic cotton bag can be personalized with a text and print that fits with you! Handy for your books, groceries, going to school or going to sport. The bag is extra tough and made from good quality cotton. Available in fun pastel shades. 

This canvas shopper with name is for example nice to give as a birthday present. By adding the personal touch, you will give a unique gift. All our gifts are hand made! You choose a nice print and you decide which text we print on the shopper. Try it out now!

The bag is available in three trendy colours. The shopper is fun for both children and adults. 

€ 29.95
Laundry bag

New! Laundry bag print with own text. Ideal for yourself, for in the bath or kids room. Every kid their own laundry bag with their own name and print.

€ 16.95
Whiskey glasses

New! Set of two whiskey or cocktail glasses printed with name and nice logo. These glasses are simple but elegant. They have a content of 30 cl. Perfect for a delicious drink in the evening. Cheers! 

€ 19.95
Children's cutlery

New! With this nice cutlery with name for children, each meal becomes a party. This children's cutlery is once again fun to use. Also fun for yourself or for gift with the kids mug and children's board. Also a super original maternity gift!

€ 7.95
Gloves (touchscreen)

These touchscreen hand gloves can be printed with your own text! You will never have to look for your gloves again. The gloves can be ordered in two different sizes: S/M and XL/XXL. 

€ 49.95
Bathrobe (adults)

Beautiful soft and luxurious bathrobe which can be printed with your name or initial. Available in a beautiful dark gray color. This bathrobe with name is also very nice to give (and to get) as a gift!

Also available in children's sizes!

The bathrobe with its own print is suitable for both men and women. We place the chosen print subtly on the chest. The bathrobe is perfect to gift as a wedding gift to the happy couple, but also a nice gift for Father's or Mother's Day. By personalizing the bathrobe, you make sure your gift is an original one!

Choose the print that you like, determine the colors of it, write a text or name in the text fields and you're ready to order your own personalized bathrobe. After we received your payment, we ship your order within three working days.

€ 9.95
Children's cup

This cup with name and/or text is matching our other children's tableware. What is more fun than to drink from your own cup your name is printed on. Nice to give as a gift. Every child will love this!

€ 12.95
Children's plate

This children's plate with name makes eating a lot more fun! Every child will love his or her own plate with name printed on it. Choose your favorite logo and add the name of the child. We ensure you your child will love it!

€ 11.95
Tea glass

New! This tea glass with name. This tea glass is made of frosted glass an can be printed with your own name and/or other text. Always a great succes to give as a personal gift! 

€ 12.95
Children's mug

We have a new plastic mug for children with a name label! The mug is just as big as our ceramic mug. Available in white.

€ 19.95
Wooden signpost with text

Personalize this wooden signpost at Bulbby. Fun as decoration for your (children's) room or in the living room! The signpost can be printed with your own name and/or other text. The wooden arrow is fun for both children and adults. They are available in a nice, white color and can be printed with lots of name logos!

€ 49.95
Tablecloth with text (large)

Decorate your table with this beautiful table cloth. You can print it with your own (family)name and/or text, to personalize it. Add your favorite logo to make it complete. Also an awesome gift for the host or hostess!

€ 24.95
Storage bag

Handy storage bag with your own text name and/or print. Available in three sizes. This middle sized storage bag is great for the loose stuff laying around. The storage bag is also ideal to use as laundry bag for example the baby or kids room. 

€ 9.95
Tealight holder

Do you want to make your home cozy? With a few tealights, a dark evening quickly becomes cozy. This tealight holder made of frosted glass can be printed with a beautiful personal text, name of other print. Take a look at our cool designs above!

Are you looking for a unique and original present? Then this tealight holder is completely suitable. Fun for both men and women. For example, this is a great gift to give as a birthday present, wedding present, when someone is moving, for Father's Day or Mother's Day. Actually it is suitable for many occasions because you can decide the print yourself!

Are you looking for another type of candle holder? Take a look at our paper lantern printed with name.

Start designing your own tealight holder now. Choose your favourite print and customize the text and colors yourself. Definately a succes when you give it to someone as a present!


€ 29.95
Stuffed Unicorn

Wow, this stuffed unicorn is so cute! We added this stuffed animal to our webshop recently, and we absolutely love it. It's nice to give as a maternity gift, but also as a gift for a children's birthday. This super soft unicorn is suitable for all ages. It's nice and very soft. We print the belly with the name of the child for whom the hug is intended. 

The toy has pink hair and silver legs. The dream of every little girl! Get started with personalizing and choose a nice namelogo. Then enter the name of the child and adjust the colours. You will see immediately how the unicorn hug will look like! 

€ 9.95
Longdrink glass

New at Bulbby: a longdrink glass which you can personalize. This glass is just like our tea glass made of frosted glass. This type of glass creates a luxurious look and the printing is beautiful on it.

When printing a longdrink glass, it is very important that the print is permanent. That is why we print the glasses with great care and attention. To be more certain that the print stays on the glasses, we advise you to wash them by hand.

Take a look at our different designs for the longdrink glass and design your own. It's also a very nice gift for someone else!

Do you want to print a longdrink glass on behalf of a company and use the logo of the company? That is possible! Send your request to info@bulbby.com and preferably add the company logo directly to the e-mail. We can then immediately make an offer for you. Of course a volume discount is possible.

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