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Christmas gift

Finding a suitable Christmas gift can be tricky. The present must fit within the budget, it must be fun, original and preferably it should be personal. Moreover, it should not take too much time to arrange the gift. We are aware of this at Bulbby and that is precisely why we can help you in finding suitable Christmas gifts! All of our presents are personal, because you personalize them with your own text or name. In addition, we can take the entire production process off your hands.

Examples of a nice Christmas gift
€ 24.99
Christmas sweater (kids)

A Christmas sweater with your name or text! Available in loads of funny prints and good for the little ones and teenagers. Also available in adult sizes.

Christmas sweater kids

For the kids who are really crazy about Christmas, we've got nice Christmas sweaters with the best Christmas designs. Think of a nice text or print your child's name, then your child has an original Christmas sweater to steal the show!

Christmas sweater for the whole family

Of course, a Christmas sweater with name is not only fun for your own kids, it's also super original to use as a gift under the Christmas tree. How cool is it when all brothers and sisters and/or cousins and nieces can unpack their own Christmas sweater with name? That will surely be a perfect family Christmas picture, right? 

The sweater is available in multiple colours, so there is choice for everyone. See our designtool above and choose the logo you like most. Is it perhaps the sweater with the reindeer or the one with Santa? Place your Christmas sweater in the shopping cart and order it quickly!

€ 24.99
Christmas sweater (adults)

A Christmas sweater with your name or text! Now available at Bulbby and can be provided with a funny text! 

Available in diverse colours and all kinds of prints.

Christmas sweater with name

For the real Christmas fanatics, we've got Christmas sweaters with the best Christmas designs. Think of a nice text yourself, or go for a name or initials and then, you've got an original Christmas sweater! Popular texts for the sweaters are: 'My deer', 'GINgle bell rock' or just 'Merry Christmas'. 

Of course, a Christmas sweater with name is not only fun for yourself, it's also super original to put under the tree as a Christmas present! A nice Christmas gift for real Christmas fans. 

Order a Christmas sweater

The sweater is available in six different colours, so there is choice for everyone. See our design tool and choose which name logo you like most. Is it perhaps the Christmas sweater with the reindeer or the sweater with Santa Claus? Place your favourite in the shopping cart and order it quickly!

€ 12.99
Christmas bag

This personalised Christmas sack is a fabulous alternative to the Christmas stocking. Stuff this Santa sack with presents and you're guaranteed a great Christmas! Choose from a variety of fun print options and colours.

Buy a jute bag

This Christmas bag is 60x110 cm. Because the bag is made of sturdy jute, the bag can be reused every year. The Christmas bag is therefore a nice investment! Getting Christmas presents is a lot more fun when you receive them in a personalized Christmas bag, right?  

Printing a Christmas bag

The Christmas bags can also be printed with only a first name. Try out in our design tool what you think is a nice name logo and design your own Christmas bag with name!

€ 21.99
Xmas apron (full colour)

Do you want to print a Christmas apron with a funny name logo and a nice text? Then you've come to the right place at Bulbby! Especially for Christmas, we have designed the super funny full colour Xmas apron. You can choose your name logo and customize the texts yourself. A great Christmas gift, isn't it? Check out our nice name logos above!

Original Christmas gift

The search for an original Christmas gift is often not that easy. What can you give as a present under the Christmas tree? A gift that is related to Christmas is always good. This Christmas apron can be printed with your own personal text. That makes the gift extra unique!

Xmas apron with name

Are you excited and do you want to order a Christmas apron with your own print? Then choose one of our funny Christmas logos above and adjust the text and colours to your liking. Place the Xmas apron in your shopping cart and you're ready to order! 

€ 19.99
Christmas Apron

New at Bulbby: a cool Christmas apron with your own print! Have this apron printed with one of our beautiful Christmas logos. You can choose to have a name printed, but of course you can also have your favourite Christmas song printed on this apron. The apron is made of high quality and lasts for years. That's why this apron is nice to keep using after Christmas!

Christmas apron with name

A Christmas apron with name is a nice gift for everyone who loves Christmas. In this cooking apron you can prepare the best Christmas meals! Wearing this Christmas apron will ensure that your Christmas outfit stays neat and tidy. Has the apron become dirty? No problem, you can wash the apron at 60 degrees. Wear this apron and it immediately feels like Christmas. 

Order a Christmas apron

Ordering a Christmas apron is very easy. See our various Christmas logos in our design tool. Then, you choose which logo you like the most. You adjust the colours and the text of this logo. Are you totally satisfied with the result? Place the product in your shopping basket and order and pay easily and securely online. 

€ 17.99
Cooking apron (kids)

A personalized cooking apron for children to cook together with mum or dad! These cooking aprons are also available in adult sizes. Choose a logo you like and add your name and/or any other text, to make it completely personal!

Cooking apron (kids)

This cooking apron is handy and fun to bake cookies or to help mom and dad during cooking. And ideal, because your beautiful clothes won't get dirty during cooking and baking thanks to this nice children's apron. This apron can simply be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees and the print remains.

Print a cooking apron

This children's apron with name or other text is also fun as a birthday present for a child. And do you have a great cook in home? Then order such a nice matching kids chef's hat. Cooking together with mom and dad? These kids' aprons are fun to combine with the apron for adults!

€ 19.99
Wooden Christmas board

This wooden Christmas board with print is great for December! It's nice to use as Christmas decoration or as a cocktail platter. This Christmas board can be personalized and is printed with a personalized name logo.

Christmas board as Christmas gift

Are you looking for an original Christmas present for under the Christmas tree? Then choose this Christmas board! Thanks to the personal imprint that you design yourself, you're giving a personal touch to the present. That makes the gift extra special. Nice to give to your parents, grandparents, loved one or brother or sister. 

The Christmas board is made by hand. Because the shelf is made of real wood, the Christmas boards can differ slightly from each other. After all, it's a natural product. When you order multiple pieces, there can be a slight deviation.

Order a Christmas board

Go ahead and design your own Christmas board. Choose the name logo you like most. Then you can adjust the text and the colour of the imprint yourself. Are you completely satisfied? Place the product in your shopping basked and pay easily and securely online.

€ 12.99
Christmas plate

This sweet Christmas plate with name is super fun to use during the Christmas breakfast or Christmas dinner! Have this plate printed with one of our latest Christmas logos, specially designed for Christmas this year. Also super cute for the little ones who are celebrating their first Christmas this year. For example, have the text 'My first Christmas dinner' printed. Super sweet, and a beautiful souvenir!

Design a Christmas plate

As you can see in our design tool above, we have lots of cool Christmas logos that you can choose from. Choose the logo that you like the most and adjust the colours of the logo yourself. of course, you can also define the text yourself. A Christmas plate with name is very nice, but of course it's also possible to have a short text printed instead of a name. 

The Christmas plates are made of sturdy plastic and can be placed in the dishwasher. Nice to use these plates every year at Christmas! 

Order a Christmas plate with name

Get started right away and design your own Christmas plate with name. This is an original gift under the Christmas tree, but it's also fun to order this for your own family and use it together during the Christmas dinner.

€ 24.99
Serving board

Wooden serving board, can be printed with your own text or print! Serving cheese, snacks or other foods is super original with this personal serving board.

Love goes through the stomach. Serving snacks is even more fun with a wooden serving board, printed with your own text or name. It's super original to serve your birthday bites or other snacks with a matching serving board. 

This wooden serving board with name is also a very original gift for a housewarming or birthday. If you're going to cook a night with friends, it's also a nice gift to take with you. You can immediately use it!

The serving board is a natural product, so the colour and finish of the wood can vary slightly from one shelf to the next. The sizes are: 53x16x2 cm. The handle has a sturdy rope which gives the serving board an even tougher look. Attention: the board is made by hand and consists of 2 parts, this is to prevent warping. The wood grains each go one way. 

Don't wait any longer and design your own unique serving board with your own imprint in our design tool!

€ 4.99
Wooden Christmas pendant

New at Bulbby: a wooden Christmas pendant! This beautiful wooden hanger has a string so you can hang it anywhere. Use the pendant as a Christmas ball or maybe just as a Christmas decoration in the living room. You decide it yourself!

The Christmas pendant has a diameter of 10 cm and is made of sturdy wood. On one side comes the printing as you design it above, on the other side of the pendant is a nice Christmas quote in white, such as 'hello Christmas' or 'A very merry Christmas to you'.

Personalized Christmas gifts

In our webshop you will find all kinds of cool personalized Christmas gifts. In addition to this cute wooden Christmas pendant, we also have other hangers. Take a look at our overview of Christmas gifts. Certainly that you will find a cool gift to be personalized!

Make sure you order on time to avoid disappointments. We ship no later than three working days after we receive your payment and do our best to be faster. Because all our products are printed by hand, we need some time to finish every product.

Order wooden Christmas hanger

Get started right away and design your own wooden Christmas pendant. Choose one of our nice name logo's and customize the text as desired. You can also determine the colour of the personalized imprint yourself. Nice to give as a Christmas present!

€ 9.99
Christmas napkins

Beautiful Christmas napkins with your print, new at Bulbby. For Christmas this year, we've got very nice Christmas napkins in our webshop. The napkins are made of high quality and last for years. Our designers have designed beautiful Christmas logos. Choose a fancy look, or just fill in the text of your favourite Christmas song. Anyway, these napkins are perfect to decorate the Christmas table with! 

Christmas napkins for the whole family!

The napkins are sold per two pieces, but of course, you have different names printed. These napkins are great to indicate where all family members can sit during the Christmas dinner. Of course, it's also nice to have your family name printed, so you can use the napkins more often. You determine the imprint yourself! 

These napkins are also a super nice gift for under the Christmas tree! Surprise your family members with their own personalized napkins. Everybody will be very grateful to Santa!

High-quality napkins

Our napkins are made of very high quality. They are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester and can be washed up to 60C. Perfect, right? Use the napkins not to spill on your beautiful Christmas outfit. 

€ 12.99
Christmas mug

For all Christmas lovers, we have desigend a new product: a special Christmas mug! Have this Christmas mug printed with a cool print or maybe with your own name. Are you crazy about a certain Christmas song? Then have the lyrics of this song printed on the mug! Of course, this mug is also perfect as a Christmas gift. 

Especially for this Christmas, our designers have designed nice new Christmas logos. Of course, you can personalize these logos with your own text. 

Order a Christmas mug

Ordering a Christmas mug is super easy. Choose one of our Christmas logos above. You can adjust the colours and the text of the logo yourself in our design tool. Once you have designed the product, place the product in your shopping basket and order and pay easily online. 

Original Christmas gifts

Finding original Christmas present is a big challenge every year. Fortunately, you've found Bulbby! We have an extensive range of Christmas gifts. This Christmas mug with name or text is also super fun to combine with a crazy Christmas sweater! Have the same text printed on the products and you've created a nice package. The nice thing about these Christmas products is, that they're suitable for everyone: fun for both young and old!

More information

Do you want to have more information about our possibilities? On our website you can find more information about Christmas gifts with logo.

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