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With a unique and original maternity gift with name you will make the parents happy and give the child a nice memory of the time he or she was born. On this website you have enough choice when it comes to a maternity gift. From garments to bedding and from stickers to bags. In our design tool you can choose your favorite color combination, pick a logo you like and add the name of the child. You can immediately see what your maternity gift will look like eventually.

Maternity gifts with name at Bulbby

Bulbby has extensive experience with maternity gifts with a name printed on it. Our designers always come up with the best designs, all available in our webshop. If you order your own design, we will send the maternity gift with name to you within three working days. Make sure you get a unforgettable birth gift with a name. Shop a selection of our assortment underneath.

Shop our maternity gifts
€ 27.99
Birth box

New at Bulbby: a birth box with the name of the child printed! Are you looking for a fun and original maternity gift? Then definitely go for this birth box! It's perfect to collect maternity gifts in and it's a nice souvenir for the new parents. 

Maternity gift with name

The birth box is the perfect example of an original maternity gift with name. When the baby is just born, of course, the parents are extra proud of the name of their child! How cool is it then to give a gift with name of the baby printed on it? You show that you've put some effort into finding an original gift. Moreover, a maternity gift with name is often a permanent gift; something that the parents will certainly keep. 

Printing the birth box

The birth box can be printed with the name of the child, the date of birth or perhaps another nice text. Especially for births, our designers have designed beautiful name logos. Take a look at our different designs above. For every child, there is certainly something fun to think of! Get started right away with the design and order a birth box with name!

€ 27.99
Stuffed Unicorn

Wow, this stuffed unicorn is so cute! We added this stuffed animal to our webshop recently, and we absolutely love it. It's nice to give as a maternity gift, but also as a gift for a children's birthday. This super soft unicorn is suitable for all ages. It's nice and very soft. We print the belly with the name of the child for whom the hug is intended. 

The toy has pink hair and silver legs. The dream of every little girl! Get started with personalizing and choose a nice namelogo. Then enter the name of the child and adjust the colours. You will see immediately how the unicorn hug will look like! 

€ 26.99
Suitcase (small)

Nice little guest house or toy suitcases! Available in different colours and one size. Also very nice as a maternity suitcase or as a gift with some small gifts inside. And also good to use as a toy suitcase by the reinforced sides.

Suitcase as a maternity gift

This children's suitcase is made of canvas and is easy to keep clean with a brush. The suitcase with name also has a handy compartment inside, in which you can store small items. Our suitcases have been a success for many years and are often used as a birthday gift and baby shower gift with name. It's also cool to give it as a maternity gift with some small gifts put in it! We keep designing new name logos that are fashionable and modern. For example, there is a suitable design for every child. 

Buy a children's suitcase

Go to work in our design tool above and design your own children's suitcase. 

From a minimum number of products we can print your own logo (against payment) on our suitcase. The options depend on the design of the logo. Interested? Contact info@bulbby.com and send the logo to us in this e-mail.

€ 10.99
Baby hat

Expecting a baby or are you looking for a gift for a new born baby? These cute hats are available in different colours, all made from 100% cotton and very soft and warm.

The baby hats with name can be printed with different fonts or a print and you can choose from a lot of imprint colours. By all these options, you can create the hat exactly the way you want. The baby hat is available in two different sizes: one for babies from 0 to 3 months and one for babies from 3 to 6 months.

This baby hat is a nice and personal gift to give to a newborn. Bet you'll make the baby's parents very happy with this gift!

Select your favourite design in our design tool above and order your own baby hat with name. After receiving the payment, we will ship your order no later than 3 working days.

€ 19.99
Baby suit

Cute baby suit without feet printed with name (long sleeved). Available in white, navy, pink and mixed grey. Can also be used as babypajamas. The suit can be provided with the baby's name and/or text and a nice print. 

The baby suit is made of solid quality and has a slim fit, which is perfect because it stays perfectly around the baby's body. Made of 100% cotton.

The baby suit can of course be printed with name and/or text and funny prints. For example, think of a print with sweet bears or a cool dino. But even a print with just the baby's name can be very nice! There is plenty of choice. Design your baby suit in our design tool right now.

Maternity party or baby shower coming up? A baby suit is also fun to give as a maternity gift. Then you certainly give a successful gift!

€ 22.99
Bath cape

Nice bath capes with name. These bath capes are made of soft thick terry and keep your baby warm and dry. Perfect to use after taking a bath! We print the name of your baby on the cap of the bath cape, and you decide what we print.

This bath cape with name is available in different colours: white, anthracite, fuchsia and bright blue. Choose the colour you like and decide in which colour you would like to have the name printed. There's something pretty for every baby! 

Bath capes with name are often given as a maternity gift. Every baby needs a bath cape, and of course it is even more fun when the baby's name is printed on the cape! Moreover, with a personal gift like this, you show that you've paid attention to finding a beautiful gift. 

The bath capes are made of 100% cotton and feel nice and soft. We print the name of the baby at the top of the bath cape, so that the print is always visible when the baby's wearing the bath cape.

Choose your favourite colours and imprint in our design tool above and order a bath cape with name!

€ 39.99
Pregnancy gift basket

Beautiful grey rotan pregnancy gift basket. You can also use it as 'just' a gift basket! Perfect to put in your presents for mother and child. We put a nice print on the small wooden sign, for example a personal text or the baby's name.

Pregnancy gift basket as baby shower gift

Are you looking for an original maternity gift? This gift basket with name is a great idea. You give the gift a personal touch by having the name of the newborn child printed. A personal present is certainly appreciated as a gift for a baby: the parents will see that time and effort has been put into finding an original gift. 

Gift basket with name

The Bulbby basket is made of grey rotan, a very nice and sturdy material. We often hear that the maternity basket is used as decoration of the nursery after the maternity period. Because the name is printed on it, that is of course extra fun!

It's also very cool to have the birth date of the child printed on the wooden sign. We have designed a number of name logos specifically for this purpose.

Get started in our design tool and choose your favourite name logo. Determine in which colours you would like to have the logo printed and simply order pregnancy gift basket with name!

€ 9.99
Bandana bib

This bandana bib is perfect to wear all day long - for example for babies who drool a lot. You can attach the two different sides with velcro. We print the bandana on one side. Easy to use and it looks good too!

Are you looking for a nice, original and unique maternity gift? Then choose a maternity gift printed with name. The bandana bib is a good example of a nice name gift. It's very easy to design a unique present, which shows that you have paid a lot of attention to it. 

The bandana bib is made of 100% cotton and can be washed. The printing lasts forever, so you give the parents a present they can use for a long time. 

Quickly get started in our design tool and design your own bandana with name. Nice to combine with other maternity gifts! 

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