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New born gift

Are you looking for an original gift for a new born baby? And do you want to give something different to the newly parents? Then choose a new born gift from Bulbby. New born gifts with name are very fancy and especially very nice to give. With a personalized gift, you show that you’ve spent time and effort into finding a nice present. You create the present specially for someone else, and you can adjust the gift to the wishes of the recipient.

baby onesie met naam

When do you give a name gift?

There are many suitable opportunities to give a name gift. The most popular moment is when a baby is born. The young parents are very proud of the baby, but of course also of the newly chosen name. On our website we have an overview of maternity gifts with name.

Other fun moments to give gifts with name are for example Father’s Day, a birthday, or a marriage. There are many occasions where a gift with name is very suitable. By adding the name to the present, you make the gift unique, original and beautiful!

€ 16.99
Happy Horse cuddle cloth Sky

This Happy Horse tuttle Sky is a super cute stork who loves to cuddle! If you look at Sky, you will of course see that he is super cute already on his own. But at Bulbby you can make Sky even cuter by having a name, initials or date of birth embroidered in the belly. This also makes the tuttle very unique and personal. The stitching of the text that is embroidered is visible on the back of the belly.

Happy Horse tuttle Sky

This stork tuttle always wants to go out with your little one. Whether in the pram or the Maxi-Cosi, they certainly don't want to say goodbye to each other anymore! That is why it is actually very useful to purchase two cuddle cloths at the same time. When one has gotten dirty and really needs a wash, your little one won't notice this and his/her cuddly friend doesn't have to be missed because you have a spare. This also applies to losing the stork tuttle. Sometimes you don't realize it and you lose something along the way because it was thrown out of the stroller. A spare tuttle is also the perfect solution for this.

Embroidery cuddle cloth Sky

Embroidering Happy Horse tuttle Sky is very easy! You go through three simple steps for this and then we do the rest for you! First, you choose a font in which the name can be embroidered. Second, choose the color of the embroidery thread. Third, fill in the text field. Here you can enter the name of your baby or his/her date of birth. Whatever you like!

This stork cuddle cloth is super sweet for your own baby, but it is also a beautiful and unique maternity gift. If someone close to you is pregnant and you are still looking for a present, do not hesitate and give this stork as a gift!

€ 24.99
Bath cape with name

A bath cape is a product that always comes in handy when you have a baby. It ensures that the head stays nice and warm after bathing. We embroider the hat of the bath cape with a name. And you decide the name that comes on it yourself. That makes it extra personal because you can have your child's name embroidered on it!

Bath cape with name

To personalize the bath cape, first select a font above. You then determine the color of the embroidery thread and finally you enter the name or another text that may be embroidered on the hooded towel. An example of another text that is also nice is the date of birth of your child or the initials of the first and last name.

Baby bath cape as a maternity gift

Of course, the bath cape is not only fun if you have a baby yourself. Is someone close to you pregnant and are you looking for a nice present for when the little one is born? Then you are definitely in the right place with this bath cape. Because you have the name of the child embroidered on it, you have a super personal gift. The hooded towel is available in two different colours, namely light pink and white. Great for boys and girls!

If you want to make a nice maternity package to give as a gift, you can always choose to personalize a romper and to have a popular Happy Horse Richie cuddle cloth embroidered. These items together make a nice package! You can add a gift box to your order during checkout. When you do this, we pack all items in this box, making it even more of a complete package. You can also add a free card to your order. You write the text for the card yourself!

€ 17.99
Mepal Mio practice cup

This Mepal Mio practice cup is the perfect drinking cup for all little kids who like to do everything themselves. This cup stimulates your child to drink by itself. You can drink from it as if it were a real glass. But rest assured; normally your child might get a splash of drink on him, but with this cup that is not the case. The smart lid ensures that a small amount of drink comes out along the edge. The cup can be closed completely leak-free and which is also nice: it can take a beating.

Personalized Mepal Mio practice cup 360°

We at Bulbby make this beautiful cup from the Mepal brand even more fun and handy than it already is. The cup is of course nice because of the beautiful colors in which you can order it and handy because of the functionalities it has. But you make it extra fun and handy because you can personalize the cup with a name. You choose a font with illustration that you like, then you choose the color of the letters and, last step, you fill in the text fields. Here you can enter the name of the child. What is so handy about this is that you can always see which cup belongs to your little one. For example, if you are with family or friends where several small kids are present, it is so easy to mix up the drinking cups. Because of the name you never have to doubt again and you can immediately see which cup belongs to whom. Super handy!

Give a practice cup as a gift

This cup is of course also nice to give as a gift. Because of the name that you can have printed on it, you have a super personal gift. That makes it extra fun to give and to receive of course!

€ 5.99
Gift box with name

Gift box with name and print

Design your own unique and super nice gift box with name or other text and one of our cool prints! You can choose from many different prints, suitable for various occasions. Think for example of the birth of a baby, a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or any other special moment. There is something for every occasion and you certainly make the recipient happy. It really completes your gift and makes it extra special because it has a personal text printed on the box.

Multifunctional gift box

This gift box is multifunctional because the recipient can use the box for other purposes after receipt! A sturdy box with a beautiful print and a name printed on it, you of course don't just throw away. Are you giving it as a gift to a child? Then for example cards, craft supplies, colored pencils, stickers or other small items can be stored in it. Do you give it as a gift to parents who have just had a baby? Then they can give it a nice place in the nursery and also store things in it such as baby wipes.

The gift box is very sturdy and available in two different colors, namely silver and mint. You make your gift complete by also adding a free card with text. You can find this during the checkout. On the card you can let us know from whom the recipient received the gift.

Do you really miss a print for a particular occasion? Please feel free to contact us at info@bulbby.com and let us know for which occasion you would like to order a gift box. Then we may be able to design something new for that!

Note: large products from our webshop do not fit in the box. It concerns among other things the following products: trolleys, storage bags, snack boards and wooden boxes.

Measurements size M: 30x22,5x8,5 cm
Measurements size L: 39x30x8,5 cm

€ 19.99
Koeka Bandana bib Royan

Koeka is a beautiful brand that we can sell at Bulbby and make it even more fun by embroidering a name or other text on the items! The Koeka bandana bib Royan is one of these cool items.

Koeka bandana bib Royan

Eating properly is always a challenge for small children. That is of course not bad, but it is nice if we can do something to keep the clothes clean! This Koeka bib can certainly help you with that! Not only does it keep your child's clothes clean while eating, it is also a perfect and fun-looking bib to prevent drooling when your child's teeth come through. With this bandana bib you prevent the clothing from getting damp. Because the bib has the look of a scarf, it also looks nice!

With the help of the press studs, the bib can be adjusted in two sizes, so that your child can also use it when he/she is a bit bigger and older. Due to the high quality you can wash the bib as often as you want (at 30 degrees). It is not suitable for the dryer and can not be ironed.

Koeka bib as a baby shower gift

If you are not looking for a bib for your own little one, but are you looking for a (maternity) gift? Then this bib is a super nice item! You choose the text that will be embroidered on the bib all by yourself. For example, you can go for the name of a newborn baby. You also choose the color of the embroidery thread yourself! A personalized gift always works well as a maternity gift, so order quickly.

Tip: you can add a gift box and a free card to your order during checkout. This way you complete the gift completely!

€ 19.99
Koeka hat Royan

The Koeka brand has super beautiful items for babies and children. At Bulbby we can make these items a bit more fun by embroidering a name or other text. The Koeka hat Royan is one of these fun products that you can personalize with us!

Koeka hat Royan

After the birth of your sweet child, you want to do everything you can to take good care of him/her. After the birth of your child, a cap is immediately put on to keep the temperature of the baby up to standard. It is of course not unimportant if the hat is also comfortable. This is something this hat can certainly do well! In addition, this hat also looks super cute because of the button at the top and the beautiful fabric. You can also choose from beautiful colors such as shadow green and old pink. You can wash the Koeka baby hat at 30 degrees, but it cannot be put in the dryer and cannot be ironed.

Koeka hat as a maternity gift

Is the search for a beautiful item for a baby not for yourself but for the newborn child of friends or family? Then you will certainly not go wrong with this hat. A hat always comes in handy and a personalized gift is always appreciated. It is always extra special when the baby's name is embroidered on a product. You choose the color of the hat, as well as the embroidery thread. This way you can make a beautiful design!

Tip: you can add a gift box and a free card to your order during checkout. You can write a text on the card and let the recipient know from whom they received the gift (if you send it). This way you complete the gift completely!

€ 46.99
Koeka sleeping bag Royan

A brand with beautiful items for babies and children is Koeka. We at Bulbby can make the items from Koeka even more fun because you can have a name or other text embroidered on at Bulbby. This is possible with the Koeka Royan sleeping bag. Super cute and unique.

Koeka sleeping bag Royan

This baby sleeping bag from Koeka ensures that your child sleeps comfortably and is nice and warm. Especially if your child moves a lot while sleeping, the sleeping bag ensures that he or she does not end up without a blanket in the middle of the night and it may get cold. The sleeping bag is designed in such a way that there is enough room for the legs to move but that it is narrower at the upper body. Another nice thing about a sleeping bag is that it is more difficult for your child to go on an adventure by climbing out of bed.

You can wash the Koeka sleeping bag at 30 degrees, but it cannot be put in the dryer and cannot be ironed.

Koeka sleeping bag as a (maternity) gift

Have friends or someone in the family recently had a child and are you looking for a truly unique gift? Then this sleeping bag is a great option! A personalized gift is extra special because the name of the child is on it. This always appeals to the new parents. The nice thing is that you determine the color of the sleeping bag yourself and you can also choose the color of the embroidery thread yourself. This way you really make something beautiful out of it!

Tip: add a gift box and a free card to your order during checkout! You can write a sweet text on the card and we will wrap it as a gift package!

€ 21.99
Happy Horse rabbit Richie

Happy horse rabbit with name embroidery

You can have the popular Happy Horse rabbit Richie embroidered at Bulbby with a name or a date of birth. This makes it an extra personal stuffed animal. This cute bunny provides the children with many hours of playing and lots of hugs. The cuddly toy is wonderfully soft and easy to hold on to his arms, legs or ears.

Happy horse rabbit Richie as a maternity gift

This Happy Horse stuffed animal is the ideal maternity gift. Available in various beautiful colors to suit every nursery. The rabbit is 38 cm high but is also available in a larger size of 58 cm. An extra large friend to cuddle with. Because the rabbit is embroidered it is a safe gift for babies and children.

Tip! Chances are that this Happy horse bunny will become your child's favorite cuddly toy. Order two to prevent tears if one gets lost! It is also a smart move to keep one at home and to use one for when the little one has a sleepover or when you go for a walk outside.

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