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New born gift

Are you looking for an original gift for a new born baby? And do you want to give something different to the newly parents? Then choose a new born gift from Bulbby. New born gifts with name are very fancy and especially very nice to give. With a personalized gift, you show that you’ve spent time and effort into finding a nice present. You create the present specially for someone else, and you can adjust the gift to the wishes of the recipient.

baby onesie met naam

When do you give a name gift?

There are many suitable opportunities to give a name gift. The most popular moment is when a baby is born. The young parents are very proud of the baby, but of course also of the newly chosen name. On our website we have an overview of maternity gifts with name.

Other fun moments to give gifts with name are for example Father’s Day, a birthday, or a marriage. There are many occasions where a gift with name is very suitable. By adding the name to the present, you make the gift unique, original and beautiful!

€ 5.99
Gift box with name

Gift box with name and print

Design your own unique and super nice gift box with name or other text and one of our cool prints! You can choose from many different prints, suitable for various occasions. Think for example of the birth of a baby, a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or any other special moment. There is something for every occasion and you certainly make the recipient happy. It really completes your gift and makes it extra special because it has a personal text printed on the box.

Multifunctional gift box

This gift box is multifunctional because the recipient can use the box for other purposes after receipt! A sturdy box with a beautiful print and a name printed on it, you of course don't just throw away. Are you giving it as a gift to a child? Then for example cards, craft supplies, colored pencils, stickers or other small items can be stored in it. Do you give it as a gift to parents who have just had a baby? Then they can give it a nice place in the nursery and also store things in it such as baby wipes.

The gift box is very sturdy and available in two different colors, namely silver and mint. You make your gift complete by also adding a free card with text. You can find this during the checkout. On the card you can let us know from whom the recipient received the gift.

Do you really miss a print for a particular occasion? Please feel free to contact us at info@bulbby.com and let us know for which occasion you would like to order a gift box. Then we may be able to design something new for that!

Note: large products from our webshop do not fit in the box. It concerns among other things the following products: trolleys, storage bags, snack boards and wooden boxes.

Measurements size M: 30x22,5x8,5 cm
Measurements size L: 39x30x8,5 cm

€ 19.99
Nursery lamp

A lamp on the bedside table or on a dresser in the nursery will help your little one to fall asleep. To make the lamp extra special, we have included a nursery room lamp in our range that can be designed yourself! This makes this item a super nice addition to the nursery!

Does your little one like many different colors in his/her room? This nursery lamp can also take care of that very well! It comes with an LED light that you can change color with the supplied remote control. Red, Orange, Purple, Green; all colors of the rainbow are possible! to complete the party, you can also make the light flicker in different positions!

Nursery lamp with name

Not only the above makes this lamp a really nice gift for your son, daughter, nephew or sister. What makes it even more fun is that the lamp can be personalized! This means that you can have a name or other text printed on it. That looks great on a bedside table, because it also shows who is sleeping in this bedroom. You can also determine the print yourself. You can choose from different kinds of themes, such as: circus, jungle, unicorn, rainbow and sloths. Which is your favorite? Of course you can also choose to have only a nice print printed on the lamp, without a text. If you prefer that, you can leave the text fields empty.

Lamp as a gift

Do you happen to be looking for a gift for your nephew's birthday or for another special occasion? We know this can be a difficult task. This light is therefore the perfect solution. It is functional and also looks nice! Start above with the design of your light.

€ 24.99
Baby bracelet with name

Baby bracelet with name

The most personal and unique gift you can give someone after a birth is this baby bracelet with name. A birth is the most special moment in a person's live and it deservers nothing less than a special gift. This baby bracelet with name is also often bought as a gift for a baptism gift or at a birth. Because the bracelet can be extended it grows with the baby, and will later become a lovely memory and keepsake.

Baby bracelet engraved

We engrave this high quality children's bracelet personally in house, by hand in order to ensure the quality of the engraving. The bracelet can be engraved with a name, initial, date or for example a small heart or adorable flower. You can of course also pick one of our designs and make it your own! The bracelet is available in silver colored and rose gold plated. The bracelet is made of high quality stainless steel to ensure it will no discolor. 

Baby bracelet festively wrapped

This lovely and personal bracelet will be presented in a small transparant pouch, including a small matching card. Perfect as a gift! And if you are looking to a bracelet for the baby's big sister, aunt or mom, please take a look at our children's bracelet and adult sized bracelet!

€ 24.99
Children's bracelet with name

Children's bracelet with name

Are you looking for a special and unique children's bracelet with name? This beautiful bracelet for children from Bulbby is the perfect choice. This children's bracelet is not only a great addition for your own son or daughter, but is also a great and personal gift to give to someone. It's perfect for your niece, godchild or grandchildren for it's birthday, communion, baptism, during the holidays or just because! A personalized piece of jewelry as a gift will also be a great memory for later.

Engraved children's bracelet

We engrave this high quality children's bracelet personally in house, by hand in order to ensure the quality of the engraving. The bracelet is available in silver colored and gold plated. The bracelet is made of high quality stainless steel to ensure it will no discolor. The bracelet can be engraved with a name, initial, date or for example a small heart. You can of course also pick one of our designs and make it your own!

What do I give to a child as a gift?

It's always difficult to select the perfect gift to give to a child. Especially when there are so many different occasions and it depends on the age of the child. With this bracelet it doesn't matter, because it's great for all ages! This particular bracelet has a length of 11-13 cm, but we also have a larger size for older children and women, or the smaller option for a baby!

This beautiful and personal bracelet will be presented in a small transparant pouch, including a small matching card. Perfect as a gift!

€ 16.99
Koeka Pacifier Cloth Dijon

The Koeka pacifier cloth Dijon is the perfect solution for all pacifiers that are constantly getting lost. All moms and dads have probably experienced that the little one has a pacifier in his/her mouth, that you are going for a walk, and that the pacifier has suddenly disappeared. It looks like a professional magic trick. With the Koeka pacifier cloth Dijon you will no longer lose a pacifier. You can attach the pacifier cloth to the pacifier with a loop. And not only for that reason, it is a nice item. You can also personalize the pacifier cloth. This means that you can have a name or initials embroidered on it!

Koeka pacifier cloth Dijon embroidered

You make the pacifier cloth extra special by having a name, initials or any other text of your choice embroidered on it. Before we can embroider the pacifier cloth with love, we ask you to go through a number of steps. First, you determine in which font your text may be embroidered. We have selected a number of fonts from which you can choose your favorite. Then you determine the color of the yarn. So what color do you want the name to be embroidered in? Then you determine the color of the product itself. Are you going for Steel gray or shadow pink, for example? And finally you enter a name or another text that we can embroider on the pacifier cloth. In the design tool above you can immediately see what your design will look like. Satisfied? Then you can place the Koeka pacifier cloth Dijon in your shopping cart!

Maternity gift with name

Of course, the pacifier cloth is not only fun and handy for your own baby. You may have friends or relatives expecting a little one. Then the pacifier cloth is also a super nice item to give as a maternity gift. Can't you personally visit the new parents on a maternity visit? No problem! You can add a gift box to your order during checkout. You can even add a free card to let the receivers know that the gift is from you. We pack everyhting together and can then send it directly to the recipient!

€ 46.99
Koeka bathrobe Dijon

The Koeka bathrobe Dijon is a real must-have for the little ones. After a bath or shower, it keeps your child nice and warm. The hood even keeps the head warm, great! In addition, the fabric of the bathrobe is nice and soft and moisture-absorbing. The nice thing is that you can make the bathrobe completely personal at Bulbby by having a name embroidered on it!

Embroidery Koeka bathrobe Dijon

The unique thing about a Koeka bathrobe is that you can have a name or initials embroidered on it. You can choose from different colors of yarn. For example, you can match the colors of the yarn with the color of the bathrobe, but you can also opt for contrasting colors, so that the name stands out even more. In addition to choosing the color, you can also choose from a number of fonts in which the text can be embroidered. By determining all this yourself, your child's Koeka bathrobe Dijon becomes truly unique.

Bathrobe as a maternity gift

Finding a maternity gift can be a challenge. Of course, the new parents already receive a lot of presents from friends and family, and to come up with something useful, fun and original can be quite difficult. This Koeka bathrobe Dijon is therefore the solution! Because the item can be personalized, you can be sure that you are giving something unique. A cute detail is that on the bottom of the bathrobe you can read the text: ''iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou..''.

We ship our products two working days after receipt of payment. So you can expect it quickly at home!

€ 48.99
Koeka wrap towel Antwerp

The Koeka wrap towel Antwerp is lined with a lovely terry cloth and can be used to wrap a baby. This keeps the little one nice and warm, even on the cold days of the year. There is an opening in the middle of the wrap towel. This opening is very handy because it allows the cloth to be used with the belts of a car seat or with a bouncer. This way, the little baby is always comfortable and warm in his/her seat. The outside of the wrap towel has a waffle relief, which gives it a unique look. Not only the pattern in the fabric ensures that the Koeka wrap towel Antwerp looks unique, the embroidery also ensures that. You can have the name or initials of your baby embroidered on the wrap towel by us!

Embroidered Koeka wrap towel

As indicated above, you can have the Koeka wrap towel embroidered. For this you have to go through a few simple steps on our website. First, you choose the font for the name. Second, you determine which colors the yarn may be. So in what color can the name be embroidered on the wrap towel? Third, you choose the color of the product itself. You can choose from yellow oche, steel grey and shadow pink. These are real characteristic Koeka colors and very beautiful. Finally, fill in the text fields. You will then immediately see the end result of your design in our design tool.

Koeka wrap towel as a gift

Are you looking for a gift for a baby shower or for a maternity visit that is planned? Then a Koeka wrap towel is a wonderful gift. This will definitely put a smile on the face of the parents, but also on the face of the baby itself! The name makes it unique and it is also a very useful gift. It can be used during feeding, but because the lining is made of terry cloth, you can also use it after a bath or shower. Multifunctional!

€ 16.99
Koeka bib Dijon

The Koeka bib Dijon is indispensable for the little buggers among us, while eating and drinking. We all know that proper eating is not always easy. To avoid staining clothes, wearing a bib is always a smart idea. At Bulbby you can design a very cool and special bib yourself. You can personalize the bib Dijon by Koeka by having a name embroidered on it.

Koeka bib Dijon embroidered

What makes the bib so unique is the fact that you can have it embroidered by us with a name, initials or other text. In addition to the text, you can determine a number of other things yourself. You choose the colors of the yarn and you also determine in which font your text will be embroidered. We offer a number of options that you can choose from. Above in our design tool you can immediately see the result of your choices and determine whether you like it, super handy!

Unique maternity gift

Is there a baby on the way in your circle of friends or in the family? Then you are probably looking for a beautiful and unique gift that future parents can unwrap with a big smile on their face. Then you are definitely in the right place with this bib from Koeka. The parents have often gone to great lengths to come up with a nice name for the child. If this name can be seen on the maternity gift, it is always appreciated. So success is assured!

Because the bib has a press stud fastening with two positions, it is suitable for a baby or a toddler. Very nice, because that way you can enjoy it for an extra long time! The Koeka bib Dijon is also nice and large, so it protects the clothing extra well.

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