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New born gift

Are you looking for an original gift for a new born baby? And do you want to give something different to the newly parents? Then choose a new born gift from Bulbby. New born gifts with name are very fancy and especially very nice to give. With a personalized gift, you show that you’ve spent time and effort into finding a nice present. You create the present specially for someone else, and you can adjust the gift to the wishes of the recipient.

baby onesie met naam

When do you give a name gift?

There are many suitable opportunities to give a name gift. The most popular moment is when a baby is born. The young parents are very proud of the baby, but of course also of the newly chosen name. On our website we have an overview of maternity gifts with name.

Other fun moments to give gifts with name are for example Father’s Day, a birthday, or a marriage. There are many occasions where a gift with name is very suitable. By adding the name to the present, you make the gift unique, original and beautiful!

€ 5.99
Gift box with name

Gift box with name and print

Design your own unique and super nice gift box with name or other text and one of our cool prints! You can choose from many different prints, suitable for various occasions. Think for example of the birth of a baby, a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or any other special moment. There is something for every occasion and you certainly make the recipient happy. It really completes your gift and makes it extra special because it has a personal text printed on the box.

Multifunctional gift box

This gift box is multifunctional because the recipient can use the box for other purposes after receipt! A sturdy box with a beautiful print and a name printed on it, you of course don't just throw away. Are you giving it as a gift to a child? Then for example cards, craft supplies, colored pencils, stickers or other small items can be stored in it. Do you give it as a gift to parents who have just had a baby? Then they can give it a nice place in the nursery and also store things in it such as baby wipes.

The gift box is very sturdy and available in two different colors, namely silver and mint. You make your gift complete by also adding a free card with text. You can find this during the checkout. On the card you can let us know from whom the recipient received the gift.

Do you really miss a print for a particular occasion? Please feel free to contact us at info@bulbby.com and let us know for which occasion you would like to order a gift box. Then we may be able to design something new for that!

Note: large products from our webshop do not fit in the box. It concerns among other things the following products: trolleys, storage bags, snack boards and wooden boxes.

Measurements size M: 30x22,5x8,5 cm
Measurements size L: 39x30x8,5 cm

€ 21.99
Happy Horse rabbit Richie

Happy horse rabbit with name embroidery

You can have the popular Happy Horse rabbit Richie embroidered at Bulbby with a name or a date of birth. This makes it an extra personal stuffed animal. This cute bunny provides the children with many hours of playing and lots of hugs. The cuddly toy is wonderfully soft and easy to hold on to his arms, legs or ears.

Happy horse rabbit Richie as a maternity gift

This Happy Horse stuffed animal is the ideal maternity gift. Available in various beautiful colors to suit every nursery. The rabbit is 38 cm high but is also available in a larger size of 58 cm. An extra large friend to cuddle with. Because the rabbit is embroidered it is a safe gift for babies and children.

Tip! Chances are that this Happy horse bunny will become your child's favorite cuddly toy. Order two to prevent tears if one gets lost! It is also a smart move to keep one at home and to use one for when the little one has a sleepover or when you go for a walk outside.

€ 19.99
Baby suitcase

Would you like to purchase a nice suitcase for the birth of your child? This cute white suitcase is a very good option. You can personalize the case yourself, making it super unique. For example, have the name of your baby printed on it and/or the date of birth. With this design something beautiful to keep forever.

Baby suitcase to keep

What can you do with this case that makes it so nice to keep it? For example, you can store the ultrasound photos and the very first baby photos in it. Because the name is printed on the suitcase, it is really the suitcase of your baby. That is why it is extra special to store personal things in it. You can also store the first romper, baby socks and cuddly toy. You can all decide it yourself! Later, the suitcase can also be used when the little one goes out for a seepover or wants to take toys to friends.

Baby suitcase with name

Personalizing the suitcase is super easy. First of all, you choose a print that you find cute and beautiful. Maybe you can find a print that matches the nursery or the birth announcement card, so that you can stick to a certain theme. Then you determine the color of the print and finally you fill in the text fields. It's that simple!

Baby suitcase as a maternity gift

The nice thing about this suitcase is that you can also make a package out of it. In other words: a maternity package. If someone close to you is pregnant, you can pack all kinds of cute gifts in this suitcase. If you order multiple gifts from us and you want us to pack them in the suitcase. If it all fits and you have not ordered too many large things, you can always indicate this in the comments of your order! Then we do this with love for you.

Start with the design above in the design tool and order quickly!

€ 29.99
Wall sticker round (60 cm)

Dressing up a nursery in a dinosaur, astronaut or mermaid theme is of course great fun! You can do this with the help of stuffed animals or toys, but also with a super cool wall sticker that is round in shape. We have got very nice variations of this! You can choose from many different themes, such as the one we have already mentioned. But you can also choose from a jungle theme, for example. Due to the variation in prints, there must be something that looks great in your child's bedroom!

Personalized wall sticker round

These round wall stickers are extra special because you can also have them personalized. This allows you to indicate in a unique way who the sweet girl or tough boy is who sleeps in the bedroom. In addition, it is of course also just a very nice solution to cheer up a bare wall! The sticker has a diameter of 60 cm so you can cover a nice large part of the wall with it. You can remove the sticker without any traces of glue, but it can only be used once. So take your time to determine where you want to apply the wall sticker! Anyway; in any case, it will become a real eye-catcher in the room.

Round wall sticker as a gift

If you are still looking for a unique gift for a children's birthday or for the birth of a baby, then you are definitely in the right place! During checkout you can also add a free card to your order, on which you can type a text. Tip: you can also leave the card blank and write by hand at home for a personal touch.

Take a look above in our design tool which wall sticker you think is cool and order one today!

You will receive instructions of how to apply the sticker!

€ 24.99
Baby bracelet with name

Baby bracelet with name

The most personal and unique gift you can give someone after a birth is this baby bracelet with name. A birth is the most special moment in a person's live and it deservers nothing less than a special gift. This baby bracelet with name is also often bought as a gift for a baptism gift or at a birth. Because the bracelet can be extended it grows with the baby, and will later become a lovely memory and keepsake.

Baby bracelet engraved

We engrave this high quality children's bracelet personally in house, by hand in order to ensure the quality of the engraving. The bracelet can be engraved with a name, initial, date or for example a small heart or adorable flower. You can of course also pick one of our designs and make it your own! The bracelet is available in silver colored and rose gold plated. The bracelet is made of high quality stainless steel to ensure it will no discolor. 

Baby bracelet festively wrapped

This lovely and personal bracelet will be presented in a small transparant pouch, including a small matching card. Perfect as a gift! And if you are looking to a bracelet for the baby's big sister, aunt or mom, please take a look at our children's bracelet and adult sized bracelet!

€ 19.99
Nursery lamp

A lamp on the bedside table or on a dresser in the nursery will help your little one to fall asleep. To make the lamp extra special, we have included a nursery room lamp in our range that can be designed yourself! This makes this item a super nice addition to the nursery!

Does your little one like many different colors in his/her room? This nursery lamp can also take care of that very well! It comes with an LED light that you can change color with the supplied remote control. Red, Orange, Purple, Green; all colors of the rainbow are possible! to complete the party, you can also make the light flicker in different positions!

Nursery lamp with name

Not only the above makes this lamp a really nice gift for your son, daughter, nephew or sister. What makes it even more fun is that the lamp can be personalized! This means that you can have a name or other text printed on it. That looks great on a bedside table, because it also shows who is sleeping in this bedroom. You can also determine the print yourself. You can choose from different kinds of themes, such as: circus, jungle, unicorn, rainbow and sloths. Which is your favorite? Of course you can also choose to have only a nice print printed on the lamp, without a text. If you prefer that, you can leave the text fields empty.

Lamp as a gift

Do you happen to be looking for a gift for your nephew's birthday or for another special occasion? We know this can be a difficult task. This light is therefore the perfect solution. It is functional and also looks nice! Start above with the design of your light.

€ 24.99
Children's bracelet with name

Children's bracelet with name

Are you looking for a special and unique children's bracelet with name? This beautiful bracelet for children from Bulbby is the perfect choice. This children's bracelet is not only a great addition for your own son or daughter, but is also a great and personal gift to give to someone. It's perfect for your niece, godchild or grandchildren for it's birthday, communion, baptism, during the holidays or just because! A personalized piece of jewelry as a gift will also be a great memory for later.

Engraved children's bracelet

We engrave this high quality children's bracelet personally in house, by hand in order to ensure the quality of the engraving. The bracelet is available in silver colored and gold plated. The bracelet is made of high quality stainless steel to ensure it will no discolor. The bracelet can be engraved with a name, initial, date or for example a small heart. You can of course also pick one of our designs and make it your own!

What do I give to a child as a gift?

It's always difficult to select the perfect gift to give to a child. Especially when there are so many different occasions and it depends on the age of the child. With this bracelet it doesn't matter, because it's great for all ages! This particular bracelet has a length of 11-13 cm, but we also have a larger size for older children and women, or the smaller option for a baby!

This beautiful and personal bracelet will be presented in a small transparant pouch, including a small matching card. Perfect as a gift!

€ 27.99
Birth box

New at Bulbby: a birth box with the name of the child printed! Are you looking for a fun and original maternity gift? Then definitely go for this birth box! It's perfect to collect maternity gifts in and it's a nice souvenir for the new parents. 

Maternity gift with name

The birth box is the perfect example of an original maternity gift with name. When the baby is just born, of course, the parents are extra proud of the name of their child! How cool is it then to give a gift with name of the baby printed on it? You show that you've put some effort into finding an original gift. Moreover, a maternity gift with name is often a permanent gift; something that the parents will certainly keep. 

Printing the birth box

The birth box can be printed with the name of the child, the date of birth or perhaps another nice text. Especially for births, our designers have designed beautiful name logos. Take a look at our different designs above. For every child, there is certainly something fun to think of! Get started right away with the design and order a birth box with name!

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