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Het product is succesvol aan uw winkelwagen toegevoegd


Er zijn 0 artikelen in uw winkelwagen. Er is 1 artikel in uw winkelwagen.

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New products at Bulbby

At Bulbby we are always busy designing new products. Once we have added a new product, we will make sure to let you know on our social media channels. Do you have a nice idea for a new product? Please let us know in an e-mail to marketing@bulbby.com. On this page we give you an impression of a number of our latest products we added in the past year.

Storage bag

Since ast year we have added these popular storage bags. You can print your own name, text and/or a nice print on it. The storage bag is available in three different sizes: small, normal and large. The smaller size is ideal for the small toys lying around in your child’s room. The larger sizes of the storage bag can also be used as a laundry bag, for example in the nursery.

Whiskey glasses

We have also designed many new products for adults, including the set of 2 whiskey glasses printed with a name and logo. The glasses are simple but elegant and have a 30 cl content. In addition to whiskey, this glass is also perfectly suitable as water or cocktail glass. It’s an amazing present to give at a dinner, birthday or wedding but also nice to give to yourself!

More new products

You will always find more new products in our newsletter, in our blog and on our social media channels, so keep an eye on it!

Shop our new products
€ 19.95
Children's cutlery

New! With this nice cutlery with name for children, each meal becomes a party. This children's cutlery is once again fun to use. Also fun for yourself or for gift with the kids mug and children's board. Also a super original maternity gift!

Buy children's tableware

Together with the children's tray, the children's cup and the cutlery, you can save for nice children's tableware. All parts of the children's tableware can be ordered separetly. Luckily, it can be put in the dishwasher! 

Children's cutlery with name

The children's cutlery is made of sturdy plastic and can be placed in the dishwasher. This is a very original gift. Nice to give during a baby shower, but also as a gift for a child's first birthday. 

The name logos that can be printed on are specially designed for the children's cutlery. For example, you can have a name printed on it, but it is also possible to print something else on the cutlery. 

Buy children's cutlery

Get started here and choose your favourite name logo. Determine which colours you want to be printed and fill in the name yourself. Ordering is easy and safe online!

€ 17.95
Bodysuit - Limited edition

Limited edition black bodysuit! This beautiful and fashionable black bodysuit is made of biologic cotton and has a supersoft quality. 

€ 11.95
Tea glass

New! This tea glass with name. This tea glass is made of frosted glass an can be printed with your own name and/or other text. Always a great succes to give as a personal gift! Also a nice present for your teacher.

Tea glass with name

Are you or do you know a real tea addict? Then this tea glass with name is a perfect gift! You can personalize the glass completely. Choose an imprint that you like and decide for yourself which colours and text you like most. It's very cool to give this tea glass as a present. By printing a personal print, you show that you have spent time and attion into finding a cool gift. Personal gifts are very much appreciated! What are you waiting for?

Buy a tea glass

Start designing in our design tool above and choose your favourite name logo. If you have designed the tea glass entirely to your liking, you can pay it easily and safely online. 

€ 19.95
Water bottle

Atmospheric dining with these beautiful water bottles, can be provided with a name or text. It's also handy to put this bottle on your desk! That way, you will definitely drink enough water. 

The water bottle with name can be printed with a nice name logo. It's nice to give as a gift, for example as a birth gift, a gift for Mother's Day or a gift as a thank you for a dinner. There personal print shows that you have spent time and effort into finding an original gift. And a great thing is, that it's super easy to order a personalized name gift at Bulbby!

The content of the water bottle is 1 liter. The bottle has a sealable cap and can easily be cleaned with a brush and water. To keep the print as nice as possible, we recommend that you do not place the bottle in the dishwasher. 

Curious? Order your own water bottle above. In our design tool, you can choose your favourite name logo, imprint colour and fill in the name you need to enter. Order your own water bottle with name!

€ 16.95
Whiskey glasses

Set of two whiskey or cocktail glasses printed with name and nice logo. These glasses are simple but elegant. They have a content of 30 cl. Perfect for a delicious drink in the evening. Cheers!

Printed whiskey glasses are a fun birthday gift for the real whiskey lover. How nice is it to receive a personal gift with your own name or initials on it? Personal name gifts are often very well appreciated. It shows that you've put time and attention into finding an original gift. And it's not even difficult to design a name gift!

Start creating in our design tool above. Choose your favourite name logo and determine the imprint colours yourself. Then enter the name or initials you wish to have printed and place the item in your shopping basket. 

Do you, as a company, want to print whiskey glasses with your own company logo? That's possible! Send your company logo to info@bulbby.com and receive a personalized offer.

€ 24.95
Storage bag

Handy storage bag with your own text name and/or print. Available in three sizes. This middle sized storage bag is great for the loose stuff laying around. The storage bag is also ideal to use as laundry bag for example the baby or kids room. 

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