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Het product is succesvol aan uw winkelwagen toegevoegd


Er zijn 0 artikelen in uw winkelwagen. Er is 1 artikel in uw winkelwagen.

Gratis verzending v.a. €60,- Hoge kwaliteit Spoed: voor 14.00 uur besteld zelfde dag verstuurd Ontwerp zelf!

Pasen bij Bulbby | Easter at Bulbby

Do you also have spring fever? At Bulbby you can order different products with your own unique name logo! This is so much fun for Easter (Pasen bij Bulbby), for example an apron with your own text for the Easter breakfast. Also very nice: a notebook where you can write down all your Easter recipes. Take a look at our shop! You will find shirts, diaper bags, blankets, bags, backpacks, suitcases, door stickers, interior stickers and much more. And, you can personalize all of our items with your own trendy name logo. Those Easter presents are even more fun!

bordje pasen

Happy Easter!

When you think about Easter, you immediately think of the Easter breakfast. It’s cozy with the family, and after breakfast it’s time to search some eggs! We cover the table nicely: cozy with napkins and each family member has his own plate. Did you already know that at Bulbby you have a lot of fun stuff for the Easter breakfast? It’s even possible to print an Easter bunny on your products! Now you’re completely ready to celebrate Easter with your family. Look below for some inspiration!

€ 9.95

Set your table with a beautiful white napkins with name, initials, prints or fun texts. Email or phone Bulbby for advice (info@bulbby.com). Tip: Excellent gift to bring along to a dinner party!

€ 17.95
Cooking apron (kids)

A personalized cooking apron for children to cook together with mum or dad! These cooking aprons are also available in adult sizes. Choose a logo you like and add your name and/or any other text, to make it completely personal!

Cooking apron (kids)

This cooking apron is handy and fun to bake cookies or to help mom and dad during cooking. And ideal, because your beautiful clothes won't get dirty during cooking and baking thanks to this nice children's apron. This apron can simply be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees and the print remains.

Print a cooking apron

This children's apron with name or other text is also fun as a birthday present for a child. And do you have a great cook in home? Then order such a nice matching kids chef's hat. Cooking together with mom and dad? These kids' aprons are fun to combine with the apron for adults!

€ 9.95
Chef's hat (kids)

Personalize your own chef's hat with your name! Fun for cooking party's and to give as a gift. Also available in adult sizes. 

Chef's hat as a birthday present

Are you looking for an original birthday gift for a boy or girl who loves baking or cooking? This chef's hat is the perfect gift! Every present from Bulbby has a personal touch. A personal gift is very nice for children. Experience has taught us that children are often super proud of their chef's hat with name.

Print a chef's hat

We have designed pretty name logos that are fun ont the children's chef's hats. Many of these logos match the name logos you can choose on the children's aprons. This way, you can always make nice combinations.

Discover the convenience itself and get started with the design of a chef's hat with name. Children find it often very nice to be able to help with personalizing! 

Mail to info@bulbby.com if you want a custom logo printing or when you want to receive a discount.

€ 44.95

Your festive table covered with a beautiful white tablecloth and matching napkins with name, initials, or fun prints texts. It is also possible for the tablecloth to be printed. Email or call for this to Bulbby for personal advice (info@bulbby.com). Hint: Super gift to take to the host or hostess!

Give a tablecloth as a gift

For every occasion a perfect gift: a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday or just for yourself. With a personalized tablecloth you immediately create a special atmosphere at the table. Complete the table with personalized napkins, beautiful glasses and water bottles. 

Printing a tablecloth

This tablecloth can be washed up to 60 degrees. We place the imprint in a way that it cannot go off anymore. Printing a tablecloth is just like the printing of other articles our specialty. We spend a lot of time and care on delivering beautiful, high-quality products. 

Buy table cloth

Choose your colour tablecloth above, find a nice print and fill in your own text. A unique tablecloth that no one else has! Top quality. Fast delivery possible. Order now!

€ 15.95
Placemats (set of 2)

Fabulous placemats personalized with the name or print of your choice. Great for a special meal.

€ 9.95
Coasters (set of 2)

Coasters can be printed with your name or your own fun text. An original gift for a birthday, farewell, anniversary or just for yourself. Displays your table a special appearance. The top of the coasters are heat resistant and waterproof. These coasters you prevent stains and scratches on your table. The coasters are sold in 2 pieces and it may be different.

Do you like an original breakfast, lunch or dinner table? Then it is certainly a good idea to use personalized coasters from Bulbby. For example, fill in the names of everyone in the family, so each has its own coasters. 

The coasters are also super original to use during holidays. For example, we've got nice Easter logos that complete the Easter table. 

Don't wait any longer and quickly order a set of personalized coasters!

€ 12.95

Nothing can be more satisfying than to drink from your personal mug, especially one with your name, print or text! Such an original mug will make your cup of tea or coffee even more enjoyable! Easy at home or at the office, this way everyone will always have their own unique mug! 

This beautiful white latte or straight mug with name, made of ceramics, can be printed with name and/or text. Always a great success as a personal gift!

Print a mug

You can see them everywhere: mugs with imprint. At Bulbby, however, you determine the imprint yourself! For example, it is possible to have a name printed, for example the name of the teacher or as a thank you gift. 

Mug with name

We've got two different types of mugs: a latte mug and a straight mug. Both models have a capacity of 350 ml. You can simply put the mugs in the dishwasher, the imprint won't fade. 

You can also order this gift in larger numbers for your customers and clients. Do you have a business request or do you want to know the prices and feautures? Please get in touch with our business department: info@bulbby.com

€ 14.95
Breakfast plate

Print this breakfast plate. Bring your parents breakfast in bed with Father's Day or Mother's day. This will be extra special with this self-designed breakfast plate with name! What about having a nicely set breakfast table every morning, where every family member has his or her own breakfast plate with name. 

Print breakfast plate

These breakfast plates are made of beautiful solid ceramics. The breakfast plate with name is designed easily in our designtool above. You start by making a choice for the print. Then you determine in which colours the imprint can be printed on the plate, and then you choose the text that you like. 

Breakfast plates with your own name

Your breakfast will undoubtedly taste a bit better with these breakfast plates with name. So get started quickly with designing your own plates. 

€ 19.95
Water bottle

Atmospheric dining with these beautiful water bottles, can be provided with a name or text. It's also handy to put this bottle on your desk! That way, you will definitely drink enough water. 

The water bottle with name can be printed with a nice name logo. It's nice to give as a gift, for example as a birth gift, a gift for Mother's Day or a gift as a thank you for a dinner. There personal print shows that you have spent time and effort into finding an original gift. And a great thing is, that it's super easy to order a personalized name gift at Bulbby!

The content of the water bottle is 1 liter. The bottle has a sealable cap and can easily be cleaned with a brush and water. To keep the print as nice as possible, we recommend that you do not place the bottle in the dishwasher. 

Curious? Order your own water bottle above. In our design tool, you can choose your favourite name logo, imprint colour and fill in the name you need to enter. Order your own water bottle with name!

€ 7.95
Paper lantern

These paper lantern are suitable for inside and out. These paper lanterns are available in white and can be personalized with your own text or name.

The bags are made of tyvek and feel like paper. Tyvek is a safe and synthetic material that doesn't rip. 

Because of our different printing options, a paper lantern with name fits in every interior. Whether your house is rural, modern, industrial or totally different: a paper lantern provides warmth and cosiness. You can adapt the print to the seasons: for example, design a paper lantern especially for Christmas. You can also opt for a print that will remain appropriate throughout the year. 

The paper lanterns are a nice as a gift. We've designed many different name logos, so that there is something suitable for every interior! Design your own paper lantern with name in our design ool and order one.

The paper lanterns are also very beautiful as table decoration for a wedding! Print the name and wedding date of the bridal couple and you will create a very personal table. 

€ 12.95
Printed can

A personalized can that can be used to store sweets in. Beautifully made, add a personal card and possibly send it to another address.

Especially for the cany lovers, we've got a personali printed can where something tasty can be put in. Very nice for Valentine's day, a birthday or for another special occasion. You can create your design very easily in our design tool. Fill in the name of the person you want to surprise or choose a nice text, then choose a nice design and the print colours and you've definitely created a very special gift!  

Design your personalized can according to your wishes now!

€ 54.95
Picnic basket

New: Picnic basket! This spacious, tough picnic basket is the perfect gift for in the summer. The wooden name plat will be printed with your won text, namer or whatever you want. Ideal for a day on the beach, a picnic in a park or in the forest.

The picnic basket is also fun to fill with presents.

€ 9.95
Wine bag

Give a bottle of wine as a gift in this beautiful wine bag made from canvas. Can be personalized with a text or name, also looks very atmospheric on a table. Available in the colour black and a natural teint. 
Also available with a company logo and ideal as a business gift. Mail for more information to info@bulbby.com.

Print wine bag

The dimensions of the wine bag are 16x28 cm and the material is 100% roughened canvas. The nice thing about this wine bag is that the bag can be reused. It is not a wine bag that you throw away after you have received it as a gift. That makes this wine bag extra fun to give! The wine bag can be used as a table accessory or, for example, to store a nice bottle of wine. 

Business gift with own logo

Do you want to print a wine bag with your own logo? That's also possible at Bulbby! You can mail the logo to info@bulbby.com and you will receive a response very quickly. It's very nice to give as a business gift! 

Design the wine bag as you like it in our design tool and order yours now!

€ 16.95
Children's plate

With this children's plate with name, with every meal is a party for the children. This plate is very easy to use. It's made of a high quality and extremely durable plastic. The plate can be used for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

Buy a children's plate

These plates are fun as birth gift, birthday gift or to use for a party. It's a very original gift! It gets even better when you give a whole set of gifts. Combine the children's plate with name with our other tableware. 

Designing children's tableware

The children's plate and the matching children's tableware are very easy to personalize. Choose your favourite print in our design tool, choose the print colour and then enter the desired name or text and voilà: you can place the personalized items in your shopping basket. 

What are you waiting for? 

€ 9.95
Glass jar

Nice glass weckjar, to fill with chocolate or sweets! Perfect as a gift. 

This jar is 6x12 cm and you can fill it yourself with something fun. We print the glass jar with a durable sticker.  For this reason, the product cannot be put in the dishwasher. To keep the print as nice as possible, we recommend to wash the product by hand. 

Did you know that personal gifts are super popular? Giving a personalized gift shows that you have spent time and attention into finding the right gift. A glass jar with name printed on it, is a good example of a personalized present. 

Get started and choose your favourite name logo. Decide for yourself which colour sticker you like and order a glass jar with name!

€ 17.95
Canvas shopper

This organic cotton bag can be personalized with a text and print that fits with you! Handy for your books, groceries, going to school or going to sport. The bag is extra tough and made from good quality cotton. Available in fun pastel shades. 

This canvas shopper with name is for example nice to give as a birthday present. By adding the personal touch, you will give a unique gift. All our gifts are hand made! You choose a nice print and you decide which text we print on the shopper. Try it out now!

The bag is available in three trendy colours. The shopper is fun for both children and adults. 

€ 12.95
Children's plate

This children's plate with name makes eating a lot more fun! Every child will love his or her own plate with name printed on it. Choose your favorite logo and add the name of the child. We ensure you your child will love it!

These plates are fun as birth gift, birthday gift or to use for a party. These children's plates are made of high-quality and extremely durable plastic. This makes the plates sturdy and they last extra long. 

This children's plate has an upright edge, which makes it very easy for children to eat from this plate. We place the chosen name logo in the middle of the plate. The plates can be placed in the dishwasher, the print won't fade.

Take a look at the different designs that we have designed for this plate above. Are you designing a sweet, cute or cool plate? The choice is yours. Choose your favourite name logo, fill in the name of the child and change the colours as desired. You order and pay the plate easily and safely online. 

Do you want to print a children's plate with your own logo? That's possible at Bulbby! Mail to info@bulbby.com to ask about the possibilities. 

€ 9.95
Children's cup

This cup with name and/or text is matching our other children's tableware. What is more fun than to drink from your own cup your name is printed on. Nice to give as a gift. Every child will love this!

This children's cup with name is printed with multiple colours and can be put in the dishwasher. The cup is especially suitable for children because the cup is made of plastic. 

Get started above and design your own children's cup with name. Choose your favourite name logo and adjust the name and/or text. This way, you will create your own unique children's cup with name! Children often find it fun to design and receive this cup at home. It is therefore very nice to design this cup together!

Start right now and design your own children's cup with name!

€ 10.95
Children's bowl

This children's bowl matches the other children's tableware and can also be printed with your own name and/or other text. Every child will love their own bowl their name is printed on. And, it's handy for porridge, the first bite or to use as a fruit bowl.

A children's bowl with name is not only a fun, but also a very useful gift. Every child needs his own bowl to learn how to eat! And how nice is it when there's a name printed on it? The diameter of the bowl is 12 cm and the bowl may be placed in the dishwasher. 

It's nice as a baby gift or as a gift for a children's birthday. A personalized gift is always appreciated by the recipient, because you can see that there is put a lot of time and attention to buying a cool gift.

Start above and design your children's bowl with name. Choose your favourite name logo and adjust the text and colours as desired. 

€ 19.95
Children's cutlery

New! With this nice cutlery with name for children, each meal becomes a party. This children's cutlery is once again fun to use. Also fun for yourself or for gift with the kids mug and children's board. Also a super original maternity gift!

Buy children's tableware

Together with the children's tray, the children's cup and the cutlery, you can save for nice children's tableware. All parts of the children's tableware can be ordered separetly. Luckily, it can be put in the dishwasher! 

Children's cutlery with name

The children's cutlery is made of sturdy plastic and can be placed in the dishwasher. This is a very original gift. Nice to give during a baby shower, but also as a gift for a child's first birthday. 

The name logos that can be printed on are specially designed for the children's cutlery. For example, you can have a name printed on it, but it is also possible to print something else on the cutlery. 

Buy children's cutlery

Get started here and choose your favourite name logo. Determine which colours you want to be printed and fill in the name yourself. Ordering is easy and safe online!

€ 12.95
Children's mug

We have a new plastic mug for children with a name label! The mug is just as big as our ceramic mug. Available in white and you can choose from various printing colours. 

Printing a children's mug

What could be more fun than when the little one can drink his favourite drink from his own mug with a name printed on it? Not only a name is cool on the mug, text or initials are also a nice idea. 
Besides that the mug is fun for your own kids, it's also a super original birthday or baby shower gift. Place the name of the child on the mug, choose a nice design, determine the colour of the print and the mug is ready!

€ 18.95
Bunny - Stuffed animal

The cutest gift anyone can get is of course this sweet little bunny with a shirt that can be personalized with a name or text. You can choose from different colours of t-shirts and have them printed with the name of the child. This bunny with name is also fun to give as a baby shower gift!

Stuffed animal with name

This Bulbby stuffed animal is a bunny with a ribbon. This cuddly toy with name is suitable for all ages. The size (38 cm) is fun for babies, but also for larger children who want to play with the cuddly toys. 

Choose the colour of the t-shirt above on which you want the name to be printed. Then choose one of our name logos, which are specially designed for the cuddly toys. You fill in the name of the child and voilà: you simply have a super original and unique name gift. 

Order a bunny

Ordering and payment is easy and safe online. Start above and design your own stuffed bunny with name!

Do you want to have your own logo printed on the t-shirt, for example a company logo? This is possible. Mail to info@bulbby.com to ask about the possibilities and preferably send your own logo in ai or eps.

€ 49.95
Tablecloth with text (large)

Decorate your table with this beautiful table cloth. You can print it with your own (family)name and/or text, to personalize it. Add your favorite logo to make it complete. Also an awesome gift for the host or hostess!

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