The big friend of the cute tuttle David is this soft Happy Horse dog David. This cuddly toy is embroidered on the ear and makes a great gift for babies and children. Will David become your child's new best friend?

This large Happy Horse dog David had a height of 38 cm and would like to become the favorite cuddly friend of your child. The cuddly dog is super soft and is therefore very good at cuddling. The unique thing is that the ear of this Happy Horse dog can be embroidered with a name, initials or perhaps a date of birth. A birth date is especially nice if you give this great friend as a maternity gift.


As we already mentioned, the stuffed animal can be personalized with name, making it even more fun! To embroider a name on the plush toy, just follow a few easy steps in our design tool above on the page. First, choose the font that you like. By clicking on it, you immediately see what it will look like in the ear. Then you determine the color of the text, so the color of the embroidery thread. Finally, enter the name/text of your choice and you are done. Easy! After going through all the steps you will of course immediately see the end result in the design tool. If you are completely satisfied, you can place it in your shopping cart and complete the order.


This cuddly dog is not just a stuffed animal that you give as a gift. Because you can personalize it, you can be sure that you are giving a unique gift. Great for a children's birthday, for example! If you really like this dog, but are actually looking for a small version to give as a maternity gift, for example, then you should definitely take a look at the Happy Horse cuddle cloth David. This one will definitely appeal to little babies!

If you have any questions, you can always contact customer service via: info@bulbby.com.
Do you have no more doubts? Then immediately get started designing this cuddly toy with name!

Product features

  • Height: 38 cm
  • Embroidered, therefore child friendly
  • One line of text/name in the right or/and left ear
  • Brand: Happy Horse
  • Wash on 30 degrees
  • Note: embroidery stitching is visible at the back of the ear.