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Unique children's backpack with name to print for boys and girls. Your child will proudly go to school or out for a sleepover with his own kids' backpack with his name. These Bulbby kids' backpacks have become very popular in recent years.


Apart from being fun and cool, they are also very handy. Cycling, walking or on your skateboard: with a backpack, you have your hands free and can keep doing everything. Besides, this backpack with name is also better for your back as the weight is better distributed over the shoulders.


Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes. For example, we have a backpack with name for children, but we also have a cute toddler backpack for the little ones. This backpack for 0 to 6 years old with name for toddlers has handy side pockets, a flap with Velcro and a large inner pocket with a zip. So it doesn't matter if it gets thrown or messed with. Stuff can't fall out. The handy adjustable shoulder straps make the backpacks suitable for both infants and toddlers. The backpacks for children are suitable for all kinds of purposes. Staying out, going to the zoo, to school or to put your gym stuff in, it's all possible.


We have a suitable backpack for every age. For example, we have a backpack for a 2-year-old child going to nursery or kindergarten. For these little ones, our backpack 0-6 years is very suitable or as another option the small classic backpack. If you are looking for a backpack for a 4 year old child, these backpacks are also perfect. There is plenty of room in these. A lunch box, a piece of fruit, a snack and a cup of drink fit easily. Want to buy a backpack for a 6 year old? Then the junior backpack and the larger classic backpacks are very suitable. These backpacks are slightly roomier and can hold an A4 folder or other school items. Need backpacks for 8-year-olds? Of course, it depends on what you need for school, but junior backpacks large, for example, are very useful. If you don't need to take a lot of stuff to school, then a classic backpack or a junior backpack is also very suitable. And for even older children who need to carry a laptop or large books, we have the urban backpacks or special laptop bags.


The cool kids' backpacks can be personalised with your chosen print, name and text. So even if you are looking for cool backpacks, you can make it as cool and hip as you want. The different models of backpacks come in up to 10 different colours. You can also choose from up to 20 different print colours. Because of the regularly changing prints, you will always find something new among the children's backpacks collection.


Convinced and ready to buy a kids' backpack with name? Check out our overview below and select your favourite model. Then decide which colour and name logo you would like and get this kids' backpack printed. Optionally, choose a nice gift packaging and add a personal card (free of charge). It is also possible to choose another delivery address or to pick up your parcel at Bulbby in Soest. Or choose shipping within two working days after payment. Need it faster? Then choose a rush order and your bagpack will be shipped the same day. Make everyone jealous with your very own kids' backpack with a name of your choice.