You can create a unique product yourself by having a photo printed on it, in combination with your own thoughtful text. This is possible with several products from our range! You can read how to do this (very easily) below:

**How do I design a photo product?

  1. Choose the product on which you want to have your photo printed;
  2. Determine the size and color of the product if applicable;
  3. Add a print. To do this, click on the photo tab;
  4. Select your favorite photo print;
  5. Upload a photo;
  6. Edit the size and position of the photo with the editing tools;
  7. Add a text in the last step;
  8. Ready! Check the final result and place the product in your shopping cart.


One thing that is certain about a photo gift is that it is original. No one will have the same product as you, because you upload your own photo on it. Super fun! Such a gift is fun for different occasions. Is your child going to elementary school for the first time? Then how nice is it to give them a Mepal lunchbox campus with photo and own name. Does your grandpa like to play a round of golf? Then give him his own set of golf balls with photo as a gift for his birthday. Does your dad enjoy standing in the kitchen making his famous pancakes? Then surely a cooking apron with his own head as a photo on it is too funny to give as a gift! Anything is possible to design a nice gift.


Would you like to have your own logo printed on a product instead of a photo? This is also possible and in the same way as uploading a photo, you can also upload your own logo. Ideal for clubs, associations, shops or larger companies. You do not need to order large quantities, but you can even add your own logo to 1 product. Need help? Please use our chat function or mail to