It is always difficult to find a fun and original baby gift or present for a child. Looking for a stuffed animal with name? On this page you will find an overview of all our stuffed animals with name. Also always a success as a maternity gift! b


Giving a hug is a loving gesture that is often associated with warmth and affection. A hug can be given in many different ways, but adding a personalised detail can make it even more special. Embroidering a name on the hug is a perfect way to make it personal. A personalised soft toy is fun to give as a maternity present, but also, for example, as a gift for a birthday. When a child loves cuddly toys, a cute cuddly toy with name can't really be missed! This successful present remains fun even when the children grow up. A nice lasting memory.


There are many different types of cuddly toys available to choose from in our range. From an extensive Happy Horse collection to other cheerful fluffy bears to cute bunnies and much more. There are also soft toys that we embroider or soft toys that can be printed with fun prints, text or possibly even a photo. Embroidering a name on the soft toy can be done in different fonts and colours to suit the style and taste of the recipient. Embroidering a name on a soft toy makes the gift more than just a soft toy. It gives it a personal touch and shows that it has been given attention and care. It can also be a great gift idea for a child or a loved one, as it shows that they have been given special consideration. A personalised soft toy with an embroidered name can also be a great way to preserve a memory. It can be given as a gift on a special occasion, such as a birth, birthday or anniversary. It can also be given as a comfort gift on the loss of a loved one. The personalised soft toy with the name embroidered will always have a special place in the recipient's heart.

Take a look above at our newest fox cuddly, unicorn cuddly or our cool cow cuddly. The overview of all our cuddly toys can be found above. Choose the cuddly toy you like best and start personalising it right away. Choose a nice name logo and get the baby's or child's name printed!


And don't know what to give your loved one as a present? This soft toy with a personal text or maybe your own name on it will be a great success! A teddy bear is a classic, romantic and timeless gift . It is a soft and sweet buddy who is always available to comfort you and make you feel warm. With a personalised photo or text on the teddy bear, the gift becomes even more special and personal. A personalised teddy bear is not only a romantic gift, but it is also a great gift for friends and family. It can be a helping hand for someone who is struggling or just a nice surprise for a close friend or family member. With a personalised photo or text, you make the gift even more special and they will always remember how much you care. Check out the special Valentine's Day gift page for even more gift tips for your loved one.