Hurray! It's someone's birthday! And a child's birthday naturally requires a suitable birthday present. Like a school bag with a name, a bathrobe or a children's suitcase with a name for the holidays? To help you out, we've put together the best birthday gifts here. And because you can personalise all the birthday presents yourself with your own name and/or text, you can be sure that the birthday boy or girl never had that birthday present!


Children often like a name gift very much. It is clear that the items are really made especially for them. That is of course very special! The nicest birthday gifts for children can be found on this page. We have small gifts, but also larger gifts for a child's birthday. You can make it as expensive as you want. It is also very nice to combine a number of gifts with the same name logo. For example, a sports bag with name together with a personalised toiletry bag and/or a sports towel or a water bottle with name.

Take a look at our overview of gifts above and get to work quickly.