When you want to give an original maternity gift, then you need to Bulbby. Bulbby sells many different types of baby gifts, baby clothes and baby accessories, all printed with a name. This shop offers a wide choice, fast delivery and low shipping. Above 60 euro's you don't even pay any shipping costs! Finding an original maternity gift is easy at Bulbby. We specialize in making name gifts, such as a baby gift with name. How about a cute baby hat with name? When you're looking for a baby gift, you want something beautiful and original. That's why Bulbby is the place to be. Because you can personalize each product, you always give a unique and original maternity gift. Look around on this page and get inspired by the best gifts!


Take a look around and discover your perfect baby gift with name. We have several gifts available for every price category. Are you looking for a small baby gift? Then take a look at our bandana bib or a Difrax baby bottle printed with your name. If you have a little more money to spend, you might consider a cute bathrobe or a baby onesie with a printed name. It's also fun to make sets of our products with the same logo printed on each product. Look below for an overview of all gifts and design your own maternity gift with name. Success guaranteed and super fun to give!


Bulbby is a webshop, so it's easy to order online. We deliver no later than the third working day after we receive your payment. A fast delivery is very important to us! Going on a maternity trip sooner than three days? No problem at all! We can also ship your order as soon as possible. When you place a rush order on working days before 2 p.m., we will ship your order the same day. That way you don't have to go empty-handed to the baby's house! Take a look around in our webshop and on this page, so you can make the right choice. We hope to be able to help you soon!


Are you looking for a great baby gift, then you should definitely come to Bulbby. Since 2004 we sell the cutest maternity gifts with name. Below is an overview of our products. Think about what you're looking for: a gift that the baby can use now, or a school bag for later? We have enough choice and we are sure you will find something nice among them. There is a suitable gift for every budget. So take a look at the Bulbby range of maternity gifts with name!

What to ask for as a maternity gift?

There are so many fun things you can ask for as maternity gifts. Take a look around your home for practical items that you need and can really use. Think about children's crockery, cutlery, clothes or stuffed animals. It's a waste if you've received all kinds of nice gifts but aren't actually going to use them. You can also ask for gift certificates, for example, so you can pick out something nice for yourself. All your wishes can be super easy to put into an online wish list and share with your loved ones. This way you can be sure that the gifts you are going to get will be used.

What do you give as a maternity gift?

At Bulbby you can personalize your maternity gift for an extra personal touch. Go for example for baby clothes with name, stuffed animals with name or cuddly blankets with name. Super fun to put together a package with a personalized maternity gift and complement it with some practical stuff like diapers or baby care products. Have Bulbby wrap these up and include a personalized card.

What is a nice maternity gift?

A nice maternity gift is personal and thoughtful. Usually it is even more fun to give a personalized maternity gift. It shows that you have really spent time in selecting a suitable gift. For example, the following products are fun to personalize and then give as maternity gifts:

  1. Stacking rocker with name and date from Little Dutch
  2. Cuddly blanket with name embroidered from Happy Horse
  3. Children's crockery with print for the first snacks
  4. Memory box with name and print for preserving important memories during baby's time
  5. Children's suitcase with your own print for storing things, to take along on trips or to brighten up the baby's room.

Of course you will find many more great maternity gifts to personalize in our extensive assortment.