Are you expecting a child soon, or did you just have a baby? Are you looking for nice decorations for the baby room? Or maybe, you're looking for an original way to announce the name of your son or daughter? Then choose this wall sticker birth (40x40 cm or 60x60 cm) with name, the birth weight and the date of birth of your child. A very special sticker!


The wall sticker birth (60x60 cm) comes with a handy mounting spatula and instructions, making it very easy to attach the sticker to the wall. The sticker adheres semipermanently: it will not just let go, but when you want to remove the sticker, no glue traces remain.


We've got several beautiful designs that you can choose from. Enter the name of your child or a text you like. You design the sticker exactly the way you want it. Finally, decide in which colour you would like to receive the sticker. Voilà: the design tool now shows what your sticker will look like!

Product features

  • 40 cm wide or 40 cm high
  • 60 cm wide or 60 cm high
  • Semi-permanent bonding (removable without glue traces)
  • Adheres to smooth surfaces (such as lacquered wood, smooth plastic, metal)