We have the 4 most popular school packages with a name of your choice. Order a school kit with name and receive benefits and extra convenience while ordering.

School Supplies Packages

To make the search for school supplies easier, Bulbby has added school packs to the assortment containing the most popular school supplies. This way you are ready for the first day of school.
At Bulbby you can choose from different types of school packages. The packages may include a drinking cup and a lunch box and possibly a fruit bowl. We also sell a school pack with a trendy backpack and a pencil case.
At school you need a leak-proof drinking cup and a strong lunch box. A pencil case is also very handy to store all your pens and pencils. Finally, of course, you need a nice school bag to put all these things in. All these products can be found in Bulbby's school packs. Personalize these products with the nicest prints, trendy colors and fonts.

Personalize school supplies with name

The products can be designed to your own taste. You can choose from different fonts, colors and fun prints. Make the school supplies personal by printing your own name on them. You will never again be confused about which cup, lunch box or bag is yours. Super handy!
Match the school supplies with each other by using the same colors with all products from the school packs or choose multiple colors for a colorful package.