For years, Bulbby has partnered with various companies, bloggers and influencers to develop fun promotions together. Are you also open to a collaboration, check out the possibilities here.


At Bulbby, we believe that every product should be unique and personal. In addition, we offer high-quality products that are long-lasting and therefore durable. That is why we are committed to offering a wide range of personalized products, including bags, clothing, home and kitchen accessories, baby clothes and children's products. Our mission is simple: we want to help people express their own style and express their personality through their clothing and accessories. Choose from a variety of fonts, colors and designs to create your own unique look. Prefer your own logo or (team) picture on a Bulbby product? That too is possible and you can easily upload it yourself.


Do you also love items that have your own name or logo on them and would love to receive them in exchange for social media content? Here's your chance! At Bulbby, we are always open to entering into various collaborations. For example, we also like to have influencers connect with our brand. Are you an influencer and interested in collaborating with our brand, do you have a great idea for a post, blog, giveaway or any other idea that puts our products in the spotlight? Do you have at least 3,000 followers on Instagram? Then you are eligible for a collaboration in which you showcase our latest products, collections and trendy styles on your channel. Will you soon be shining on our Instagram feed, in our newsletter or on our website?

Partner with Bulbby through a social media campaign?

  1. Send us a DM on Instagram @bulbbynl or an email at
  2. In it, put your proposal or let us know your preference as to which products you think fit your profile. This can also be a win or a discount code for your followers.
  3. We will look at the possibilities with you and possibly add suitable products, of course in consultation with you.
  4. We then agree on the period within which the content you are going to create will be placed.
  5. You create social media content that suits your account and followers and send it to us so we can use it for our communications.
  6. Then you place the content as agreed on your channel(s).
  7. Is the collaboration a success? Then we would love to keep working with you!

How does a long-term influencer collaboration with us work?

  • With a successful initial collaboration, you will be added to our database.
  • When we have new colors of a certain product in our range or need content around a certain theme, you may receive a call from us (2-4x per year).
  • You can decide if you want to participate in the themed campaign or if you want to expand our proposed concept to fit your followers.
  • Do you want a discount code or win action for your own followers within the campaign? Then please send us your proposal as we have done before.