The cutest gifts for the flat share! Moving in is a big step. As with all milestones, you need a suitable personalised gift! We have selected the nicest, funniest and most original gifts that are suitable for a student moving in. It's fun to give to parents, but of course also to give to a friend who is moving.


Moving out of the house means doing your own shopping and also cooking for yourself. A cooking apron with your name is actually indispensable if you're just starting to cook and maybe you're not exactly a master chef yet. At least your clothes won't get dirty! And what about a cotton bag to carry your groceries in? You can personalize it with a funny text or maybe even a name. A super nice and original gift for students who just move in!


Take a look at our complete overview of personal and unique gifts below and design your own gift for someone who is going to move out. Make the gift special for the receiver and have a nice text printed. Your gift will certainly be appreciated!