Personalize your Dopper steel bottle by selecting a design and put your text on the Dopper bottle. Give your Dopper a unique touch with a logo, your name or a Quote.


The Dopper Steel is available in 1,1 L, 800 ml & 490 ml, a tough bottle for everyone with a big thirst. Whether you are going to work out, go for a walk, or hang out on the couch all day, this bottle is your best friend. The dopper is suitable for tap water and is very easy to keep clean. You can simply put it in the dishwasher, but you can also easily loosen the three parts and clean them by hand. The bottle is made of, you guessed it, steel and is BPA free and non-toxic. Very nice. In addition, it is also stainless. An ideal bottle to rely on, whatever you plan to do with it.


This robust bottle helps the oceans and so do you when you get this bottle. Say no to the single-use of plastic bottles! By purchasing a sustainable Dopper Steel bottle you contribute to cleaner oceans and cleaner drinking water. Far too much single-use plastic is used every day and we must fight this. You can do your bit by rocking this tough Dopper Steel and at the same time creating awareness while working on your 'steel abs' in the gym. Cool right?!


Do you want to earn good karma points and contribute to this great goal? Then think about purchasing the Dopper Steel for your employees or customers. Choose one of our nice logos and add the names of your employees. A sustainable and cool gift that can also be made unique with our personalization tool. Please contact us if you are interested!

Product features

  • Capacity 490 ml, 800 ml & 1.1 L
  • Material: steel (stainless)
  • Colors: bronze, silver & gold
  • PLEASE NOTE: The cap of the Dopper in color silver 350 ml and 490 ml is plastic. The cap of the 800 ml and 1.1 L is silver