The death of a person is always a very difficult period in someone's life. Do you want to support someone who has lost a loved one? Then a condolence gift printed with a sweet and personal text is a nice gesture. The relatives probably have many beautiful memories of the person who passed away. In order to be able to hold on to these memories and to be able to keep the who passed away in your heart forever, it is nice to give something tangible as a gift that contains, for example, a name or any other text that is characteristic of the person who passed away.


We can imagine that it is difficult to find a suitable gift that is for an event like this. That is why we have listed a number of gift suggestions below. These gifts show in a special way that you show your compassion. For example, think of a small gift such as a keychain in the shape of a heart. Because many people carry a bunch of keys with them every day, the nice idea is that they can also carry the person who passed away with them every day by having the name printed on the key ring. Another beautiful gift is a memory box. Have the lid of the box printed with a print of your choice. This box can then be used to store things that bring back nice memories. Think of photos, a bottle of perfume or jewelery. Of course, a photo frame is also a wonderful gift, so you can always take a look at the photo it contains.

Of course there are many more gift options. Below you will find the entire collection for personalized condolence gifts.