This cup is perfect for practice for children who like to do everything themselves. The shape of the product allows you to drink from it as if it were a real glass, without spilling a lot.

This Mepal Mio practice cup is the perfect drinking cup for all little kids who like to do everything themselves. This cup stimulates your child to drink by itself. You can drink from it as if it were a real glass. But rest assured; normally your child might get a splash of drink on him, but with this cup that is not the case. The smart lid ensures that a small amount of drink comes out along the edge. The cup can be closed completely leak-free and which is also nice: it can take a beating.


We at Bulbby make this beautiful cup from the Mepal brand even more fun and handy than it already is. The cup is of course nice because of the beautiful colors in which you can order it and handy because of the functionalities it has. But you make it extra fun and handy because you can personalize the cup with a name. You choose a font with illustration that you like, then you choose the color of the letters and, last step, you fill in the text fields. Here you can enter the name of the child. What is so handy about this is that you can always see which cup belongs to your little one. For example, if you are with family or friends where several small kids are present, it is so easy to mix up the drinking cups. Because of the name you never have to doubt again and you can immediately see which cup belongs to whom. Super handy!


This cup is of course also nice to give as a gift. Because of the name that you can have printed on it, you have a super personal gift. That makes it extra fun to give and to receive of course!

Product  features

  • Brand: Mepal
  • Inhoud: 300 ml
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • Not suitable for the microwave or freezer