Do you want to announce the birth of your son or daughter with a window birth sticker? Then you're at the right place at Bulbby. Look at our birth stickers and fill in the name of your newborn child. The sticker is easy attachable to the window. This birth sticker with name is super original!


The sticker adheres semi-permanently, which means that the sticker can't be easily removed from the window, but can be removed without adhesive marks. We supply a spatula with which you can fix the sticker on the window.

See our different designs above and customize your own birth sticker! We have designed many trendy and fun designs for births. Tip: also nice to give as a maternity gift with name!

Product features

  • 40 x 35 cm
  • 58 x 45 cm
  • Can be applied very easily and is reusable
  • Application Indoor use, Outdoor use, Promotional, Windows, Flat surfaces
  • Both inside and outside windows
  • Static adhesion