This cup is ideal for kids to take to school. The Mepal pop-up drinking bottle is printed with name and your favorite print. The bottle is available in five different colors, so you always design a unique item. The best drink bottle for the break!

New: the Mepal pop-up drinking bottle. The drinking bottle is ideal for the kids to take with them to school. With one press on the drink spout, the bottle is open and with another press it is closed again. As a result, even small children can often easily use the bottle themselves. To make the pop-up drinking bottle even more fun than it already is, you can of course personalize it with your own name and your favorite print!


Personalizing the pop-up drinking bottle is an easy process and also ensures that the kids will enjoy their drinking bottle for a long time! By letting your child decide for himself how his or her bottle is going to be printed, you ensure that your daughter or son can always use the coolest drinking bottle ever during the school break. But not only at school is the Mepal pop-up drinking bottle handy to use, it is also ideal during exercise. This is because you can easily and quickly take a sip of water through the drink spout.


The great thing about Mepal's pop-up drinking bottle is that it is a sustainable bottle. Nowadays, plastic is used a lot. That is why it is extra great if we can all contribute to improving the environment. The drinking bottle is therefore 100% BPA free and contains no plasticizers. This is of course also better for the children!

Get started quickly with the design of your own Mepal pop-up drinking bottle. Two days after your payment, we will send the package to you. In that way you will receive it quickly.

Product properties

  • 400 ml
  • Doesn't leak
  • Contains a handy loop to hold the bottle
  • BPA-free