Baby with Terra Koeka pacifier cloth embroidered with name

The Koeka pacifier cloth Dijon is the perfect solution for all pacifiers that are constantly getting lost. All moms and dads have probably experienced that the little one has a pacifier in his/her mouth, that you are going for a walk, and that the pacifier has suddenly disappeared. It looks like a professional magic trick. With the Koeka pacifier cloth Dijon you will no longer lose a pacifier. You can attach the pacifier cloth to the pacifier with a loop. And not only for that reason, it is a nice item. You can also personalize the pacifier cloth. This means that you can have a name or initials embroidered on it!


You make the pacifier cloth extra special by having a name, initials or any other text of your choice embroidered on it. Before we can embroider the pacifier cloth with love, we ask you to go through a number of steps. First, you determine in which font your text may be embroidered. We have selected a number of fonts from which you can choose your favorite. Then you determine the color of the yarn. So what color do you want the name to be embroidered in? Then you determine the color of the product itself. Are you going for Steel gray or shadow pink, for example? And finally you enter a name or another text that we can embroider on the pacifier cloth. In the design tool above you can immediately see what your design will look like. Satisfied? Then you can place the Koeka pacifier cloth Dijon in your shopping cart!


Of course, the pacifier cloth is not only fun and handy for your own baby. You may have friends or relatives expecting a little one. Then the pacifier cloth is also a super nice item to give as a maternity gift. Can't you personally visit the new parents on a maternity visit? No problem! You can add a gift box to your order during checkout. You can even add a card to let the receivers know that the gift is from you. We pack everyhting together and can then send it directly to the recipient!

Product features

  • Size: 25x14 cm
  • Fabric: 90% cotton and 10% polyamide
  • Can be attached to the pacifier with a loop
  • Available in different colors