A diaper bag or nursery bag is indispensable when you go out with your baby. You always need a lot of stuff and you want to store it in one bag. Bulbby has the ideal diaper bag for this, which also looks nice. The bag is available in stylish black and you can choose different print colors. What makes it even more fun is that this diaper bag can be printed with name, print or just a nice text.


With different compartments on the inside and outside and the different closures, there is plenty of room for diapers, toys, wipes, bottles and your own belongings. To be precise, there is a bottle compartment on both sides of the diaper bag. The inside of the bag is spacious and has four compartments on the sides, that are open at the top. There are also 2 zippers on the inside of the diaper bag where you can store small things. In addition, it has a front pocket and a zipper on the back of the bag. This handy zipper ensures that you can access the contents from the back of the bag.

It is also useful that the bag can stand upright, so you can easily reach the content. Also good to know is that the bag can be attached to the stroller.

TIP! If your little one is a little bit bigger again, this bag is also ideal to use as a guest bag for a sleepover, for example with grandpa and grandma.


Because it is nice to be able to carry such a full bag on your back, the diaper bag is designed as a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps!


Get started with designing right away. Determine which logo you like, change the text and colors as desired and design your own diaper bag with name!

Product  features

  • Size: 40 x 26 x 20 cm
  • Can be attached to stroller
  • Handy interior pockets, front and side pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps