Are you going on holiday soon or are you going to the beach? Then you probably want a nice beach bag to take all your stuff with you. Nowadays you often see a wicker beach bag, which we find understandable because these bags look super nice!


What makes such a nice beach bag made of wicker even more beautiful is adding a personal touch. At Bulbby you can do this by having the leather patch on the front of the bag printed with your initials, name or other text. Each bag is unique! A wicker beach bag is also super fun to give as a gift to your mom on Mother's Day or when it's her birthday.


The cowhide leather surface on the front of the wicker beach bag can be personalized and measures 15 x 15 cm. This wicker beach bag has short and long leather handles and is made of hand-woven palm leaf. You can personalize it with one of the prints found in our design tool. You can also customize the prints to your liking. You enter the desired text, such as your initials or name, in the text fields. In addition, you determine the color combination of your print. You can see the final result of your design in the design tool. If you like it and are completely satisfied, you can place the wicker bag in your shopping cart.


When you buy this wicker bag, you can of course not only use it for the beach. This spacious bag is also very nice for when you go grocery shopping. But even if you are going to have a picnic in the park, you can easily take something tasty to eat or drink and a hammam towel to sit on with you. This beach bag is extra nice to take with you because it has short and long handles. With the long handles you can easily throw the bag around your shoulder and with the short handles you can hold it comfortably in your hand.

Can you see yourself walking with this on the beach? Then quickly start with the design above and order today!

Product  features

  • Material bag: reed
  • Square printing surface material: leather
  • With long and short handles
  • Size bag: 13x31x30 cm (LxWxH)
  • Patch secured with beautiful rivets
  • Size square printing surface: 15 x 15 cm
  • This product is handmade, therefore the size may vary slightly.