A gift pack or birthday pack for a child is a perfect way to surprise someone during a special occasion. Whether it is a birthday, a baby shower or another children's party, a birthday package with a personalised touch is sure to please.

Design your own birthday package

This gift pack consists of a number of fun items that will make any child happy. First of all, there is a plate with name, which will make every child feel special and unique while eating. The plate is made of sturdy material and is easy to clean. The name on it makes the plate even more personal and the child will be proud to use it at every meal.

There is also a drinking cup with name in the gift pack. The drinking cup is perfect for small children's hands and ideal for use at home. The child's name will be printed on it, making the cup extra special. The drinking cup is durable and easy to clean, making it long-lasting.

A festive flag garland completes the gift package. This garland creates a festive atmosphere and can be used at a birthday party, for example. The garland is easy to hang and can be reused on other occasions. This flag garland comes unprinted and available in 2 different colour combinations.

The gift pack comes packaged in a festive gift box, making it a special gift to give and receive. The gift box can also be used to store the gift or as a decoration in the child's room. You can also personalise this gift box with a fun print of your own, a text or perhaps a photo!

All in all, this gift box for a child is a great gift to give and receive. The personal touch of the name on the plate and mug makes the gift extra special, while the flag garland adds a festive touch. The festive gift box completes the gift and makes unwrapping the gift even more special.

This fun birthday package includes the following items:

  • Children's plate
  • Drinking cup
  • Flag garland
  • Gift box

A fun package to give as a gift and celebrate the birthday! The nice thing about this birthday package is that you can personalise the items with name and print, making it extra unique!