Make your Christmas tree extra fun and personal this year with this wooden pendant in the shape of a Christmas bauble, Christmas tree or Christmas star. You can print the wooden hanger with a Christmas print, a personal text or a name. Because you can personalize the wooden hanger, this item will certainly become a unique decoration in your Christmas tree!


You often want to decorate the dining table just that little bit more special during the Christmas season. That is good, because in addition to decorating the Christmas tree, these wooden pendants are also fun to use as a Christmas table decoration. You can even use them as a seating arrangement, by having the names of the guests printed on them. Tip! Combine the wooden pendant with, for example, by ordering the wooden pendant Christmas tree, the wooden pendant star and the wooden pendant Christmas bauble all together. With these three pendants you can create a beautiful wooden/brown theme for your Christmas tree.


Do you want to take something small with you or send it to someone you see or cannot see at Christmas. Then this Christmas pendant is a cute little gesture. Put a text on it, such as "Merry Christmas family Clark" to make it a special and personal message. It is also a nice item to give as a gift for your own children. Children often find it very nice and special to have their own Christmas bauble and to be able to hang it in the tree. Firstly, this Christmas ball cannot fall apart and secondly it is really your child's because his/her own name can be printed on it. Perfect right! This item is also very suitable to use for decorating gifts or Christmas packages. Put a personal text and a name on it, stick it on the packaging and you have packed a beautiful gift.

For larger numbers, please contact: zakelijk@bulbby.com.

**Product features **

  • Made from strong MDF wood
  • With jute hanging cord
  • Dimensions wooden hanger star: 7,9 x 6 x 0,2 cm
  • Dimensions wooden hanger Christmas bauble: 8,9 x Ø6,9 x 0,2 cm
  • Dimensions wooden hanger Christmas tree: 7,9 x 6,3 x 0,2 cm
  • For larger numbers: e-mail zakelijk@bulbby.com