Make your home, and especially the kitchen, extra personal with a tea towel with a self-selected print and text. The text can vary from a last name or first name to a funny quote. You design it all by yourself!

A dishcloth with your own cookinglogo or a funny text. Original present to give at a dinner party. Also nice for when your son or daughter moves out. Doing the dishes is extra fun now!


This cloth is indispensable in every kitchen. Make this tea towl a unique home accessory. Printing a tea towel is not only fun for yourself, but also to give as a gift! Nice as a birthday present, or as a thank you when you are invited for a dinner. Print it with your own name or text and choose a matching logo!

This dishcloth is 100% cotton and 60 degrees washable.

Fill your kitchen quickly with a unique personalized dishcloth. Get started quickly and choose your favourite colour and name logo.

Do you want to print a dishcloth with your own logo? That's possible at Bulbby! Mail to info@bulbby.com to ask about the possibilites and preferably send your own logo.

Product  features

  • Size: 65 x 65 cm
  • Blocked tea towel
  • Can be washed on 60°C