A lamp on the sideboard, dining table, TV cabinet or side table, it is actually nice everywhere because it creates extra atmosphere. To make it even more fun, shop your mood lamp at Bulbby with a print of your choice and your own text! This makes this product a real asset to your home.

Do you like to make your house extra colorful sometimes? Then this is the perfect mood lamp for you! We supply a light source with it. This is an LED light that you can switch color with the help of a remote control. You will of course also receive the remote control with your order! Red, Purple, Yellow Orange, Green; many colors are possible! To really make it a party, you can also make the light flicker in different ways!


Not only all the functions above make the light a nice item. What makes it even more fun is that you can design the lamp yourself! In this case, this means that you can choose a print yourself from the options that you see above in our design tool. If you are looking for a nice light on the dining table during Christmas, you can choose one of our Christmas prints. But you also have plenty of choice between prints with a different theme. You also determine the text that will be printed and its color. If you want to choose not to print text, you can leave the text fields empty.


Do you happen to be looking for a gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, your aunt's birthday or for another occasion? Then this light might be your answer. It is a functional item and also looks great in any home! Get started quickly with the design above!

Product  features

  • Height: 19 cm
  • Diameter: 9 cm
  • Including light source
  • Including remote control
  • Excluding AAA batteries