Giving money is fun, but giving a piggy bank with a nice text with maybe some money in it is even more fun. Design a piggy bank with a nice text or name. The perfect gift!


Birthday gifts are always hard to find. Many people ask for money, but giving just money as a present can be a bit boring. Put the money in a super original personalized piggy bank from Bulbby! You can have a nice print and text of your choice printed on it. This makes giving money a lot more special. Put the name of the person on it and it's a perfect jar, where money can be kept.

Of course, it is also nice to personalize a piggy bank for yourself. Would you like to go on holiday or would you like to buy new shoes? Have it printed on the piggy bank, so you will never forget what your saving money for!

Don't wait any longer and quickly order a personalized piggy bank!

Product features

  • 9,5 cm high, 8,5 cm diameter
  • Ceramics