If you want to find your suitcase or bag faster and more easily, it is ideal to attach a suitcase label. What is nice and handy about this luggage tag is that you can have a print, name or details printed on it. With these striking colours, you will easily find your suitcase at the airport!

A luggage tag printed with name is super handy for when you are planning a trip or vacation. You can attach the label to your suitcase or bag. Because your name is printed on it, everyone, and you, can clearly see that this is your suitcase. Super nice because you will never have doubts again when you are at the baggage claim at the airport, for example.


At Bulbby you can personalize a luggage tag with a funny text such as: "This is Lisa's suitcase, hands off" or only with your own name. Designing your own luggage tag is super easy. You go to our design tool above and you first choose a nice print, then you determine the colors of the print. In which color do you want the text printed, for example? If you have thought about that, you can fill in the text fields. After you have done this, you are all set! Now all you have to do is place the product in your shopping cart and complete the order.


When you go on a holiday or when your aunt goes on a business trip, for example, the chance of losing your luggage is smaller if you use a suitcase label with name. This makes it immediately clear to other travelers that this is not their luggage. Sometimes confusion arises when another passenger's trolley or suitcase looks almost the same. If you know someone who travels a lot, this is also a nice and small gift to give!

Are you enthusiastic about this fun, but also practical product? Then quickly get started with your own design.

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Product features

  • Size: 8 x 5,6 cm
  • Material: plastic
  • Can be attached to a suitcase or bag
  • Printed on one side, the back is white