If you are looking for the perfect solution to stop losing your child's belongings or if you are looking for something that will prevent his/her belongings from being confused with those of friends, nephews and nieces or classmates? Then the small name sticker is really the perfect solution to that problem. You can apply these stickers with name anywhere, so it is always clear who owns the items on which the stickers are attached.


The name stickers are super handy for your son or daughter. It may happen that your child comes home with the wrong drinking cup. When a sticker with a name is stuck on it, it simply cannot go wrong. If you buy a sticker sheet, you receive a set of 20, 40 or 60 stickers. These stickers all have the same design. So you design one print for the entire set. Because you immediately receive a lot of stickers, they can be applied on many different items. Consider, for example, a lunch box, a set of pens, scissors or a pencil sharpener. Your child can choose the printing on the sticker for this. A nice background color with one of our nice prints and of course his or her own name!


A name sticker in a small format can also be useful for teenagers or adults. Think about it: do you sometimes confuse your phone charger with that of a friend or your partner? With name stickers you don't have this problem anymore! Or if you are traveling and want to remember in an easy way which hand luggage trolley is yours, you can put a name label on it.

Due to the rounded sides, the sticker adheres extra well. It can even be put in the microwave and freezer. The stickers are also dishwasher safe, but they will stick longer when you don't do this.

Also available in a medium and large size!

Product  features

  • Set of 20, 40 or 60 pieces
  • 1 line of text
  • Size: 40x6 mm
  • Can be put in the microwave and freezer
  • Also available in medium (50x20 mm) and large (70x30 mm)