School T-shirts with a name printed on it or other text. We regularly supply and print shirts for schools. These shirts are of good quality, strong and flexible. These school shirts can of course be printed with the school logo or any other desired text.


You can print different types of school shirts with us. For example, we have regular t-shirts, polo shirts and sports polo shirts. We also have hooded vests in our range that we can print for schools. Would you like to print school shirts with your own logo, e.g. from a sponsor or with the school's logo? No problem, we will take care of it for you. Send an e-mail with your request to and preferably include the logo to be printed. We will then make you an appropriate offer. It is also possible to get a discount if you purchase a minimum of 10 pieces from us.

**Are you looking for printed schoolwear for your (primary) school? Please contact us at