Healthy, environmentally-friendly and inexpensive, that's this trendy, refillable water bottle from Mepal. Handy for at work, while sporting or during your leisure time.
You can personalize the side of the bottle by having a name and print on it.


Are you looking for a beautiful water bottle to personalize? The Mepal Ellipse drinking bottle is a hip, refillable drinking bottle from Mepal. This water bottle is extra large with a volume of no less than 700 ml! Keeping this amount of water with you makes it extra easy to drink enough water every day. Practical at work, during sports or to take with you in the car or on the bike. The white cap can be easily opened and has a loop, which makes it easy to take the water bottle with you. The great thing is that you also help to keep the world a bit cleaner by not using a disposable plastic bottle every time. So save plastic and use this refillable drinking bottle again and again with great pleasure!


The design of this beautiful water bottle is inspired by the Bauhaust tradition; everything must be functional, simple and timelessly beautiful. In addition, the water bottle is leakproof and dishwasher safe and does not contain BPA or plasticizer. Of course you can personalize the water bottle with a print and text of your choice, so that it really becomes your own bottle. In our design tool, you can get started with the design directly and then be excited for your own Mepal drinking bottle Ellipse to be delivered at your home.

Product  features

  • Extra spacious water bottle: 700 ml
  • 100% leak proof!
  • With handy loop to hold on to
  • BPA free
  • Of the brand Mepal
  • Dishwasher proof