Are you looking for an attractive home decoration gift pack to give as a present? You don't have to search for hours, because we have put together some nice home decoration sets for both women and men. Here, you will find various living kits suitable for every occasion and every budget. Using our handy design tool, you can easily put together your gift pack. And of course we also distinguish ourselves here by personalising the packages with your own logo, photo or text. Of course, you can also opt for the trendy designs of our in-house design team.

Looking at other gift packs for adults. Then take a look at our drink and snack gift boxes. These packages can also be personalised and are packed and sent with care.


You can choose from the gift packages below:

  • Living package "Singing in the shower" 29.99 euros
  • Home package "Say cheese" 34.99 euro
  • Home package "Bake it happen" 32.99
  • Home package "getting cozy" 59.99 euros
  • Home pack "Hug in a mug" 19.99 euros

These packages are also perfect to give to business associates, employees or to thank a group of volunteers, for example. If you want something different, we will be happy to think along with you! We also offer the option of adding a personalised card to this pack and can send this pack directly to the addresses provided. Bespoke offer? Then call or email our business department: 035-6038218 or email .