Design a nice pietenmuts with name for your little piet here! For children the holiday Sinterklaas in Holland is probably the most favourite holiday of the year. With this pietenmuts you are sure to bring a smile to their face and they will certainly stand out during the Sinterklaas parade in the Netherlands!

Wit this beautiful Pietenmuts with name, Sinterklaas will recognize you immediately. Available in multiple colours. This Pietenmuts has a nice luxurious look, because of the shiny fabric.


How great is it to see Sinterklaas arrive in The Netherlands with all of your friends? So much fun, of course! This becomes even more fun when Sinterklaas recognizes you immediately because you're wearing a pietenmuts with name. Because this pietenmuts is available in different colours, there is a nice colour for everyone. You personalize the pietenmuts very easily by first selecting a print, then place your name on the hat and you can choose a nice colour for the printing of your name.


Children often find it very nice to decide for themselves what their pietenmuts has to look like. Don't wait any longer and quickly order a pietenmutsje for your little one, or give it as a gift to other children!

Product features

  • Made of luxurious fabric
  • Finished with gold coloured piping and a coloured feather
  • Available in six different colours