sintzak met eigen naam Sinterklaas jute zak Bulbby inspiratie


The Sinterklaas celebration is one of the most beloved traditions in the Netherlands and Belgium. Children and adults alike anxiously await the gifts and treats that the Saint and his Pieten bring. But what if you want to add something extra special to this magical time this year? How about a personalized burlap Sinterklaas bag? A personalized Sinterklaas bag printed with your name will make your Sinterklaas evening extra special. Have the name of your family or your children printed on this beautiful jute Sinterklaas bag.

This small bag of Sinterklaas is useful for the gifts of every child. And of course, it's also very nice for the Pieten themselves to take to school, with all the candy in it!

When December 5 comes closer, we know that Sinterklaas is going to buy his presents. Of course, the gifts are delivered at home, preferably in the pocket of Sinterklaas. How nice is it when each child receives his or her own bag of gifts? This little bag of Sinterklaas is ideal for this. The sizes are 43x66 cm and despite the small size, enough presents fit in! This small bag of Sinterklaas is made of sturdy jute and can therefore be reused every year. en: content

Every year, we design the new Sint logos. You can choose for a text, but also for a name logo with pietenmutsen, presents or something else. There is something beautiful to design for every child or family! Choose your favourite logo and order the Sinterklaas bag on time.

Product features

  • Size: 43x66 cm
  • Sturdy jute
  • Naam of tekst iets te lang? Geen probleem wij passend dit handmatig aan!