Design your own key ring with name. The perfect little gift for yourself or someone else. This key ring has a rectangular shape so that a name can be printed neatly and beautifully in the width. The material is 600D polyester and you can choose from three trendy colors.


A very big advantage of a key ring with a name printed on it is that you will never be confused about which key ring belongs to whom. We all know it; you are in a hurry, want to quickly grab your keys and run out the door. Often you are fumbling around in the key holder to find your own keychan or you are already standing with the wrong one in your hand. That is why it is super handy if the whole family, your roommates or friends all have a key ring with their own name on it. If you also design and order the key rings and the printing colors of the name in a different color, you can be sure that you will find yours right away.


When are keys also important? If someone buys or is going to rent a new house, of course! The moment of the key handover, and also the moment you enter your new home with your own pair of keys for the first time, are very special. Often photos of these moments are posted on social media. These moments become extra fun when the keychain looks extra special. Of course you do this by hanging a personalized key ring on it.

Tip: are you someone who often loses his keys? Then have your phone number printed on the key ring. The honest finder can then call you and easily return the keys to you.

Product features

  • Material: 600D polyester
  • 12 x 6 cm
  • Available in three colors