A set of 3 golf balls to personalize with your own name and a print. This makes the set extra unique. You decide on the print and the print colors yourself. This way you will never lose your golf balls while playing.

Fun for yourself or to give as a gift to a fanatic golfer, a novice golfer or a business relation: a golf ball printed with a print of your choice. In combination with a text or a name it is a unique piece. At Bulbby you can print golf balls, per set of 3 pieces.


The print has a size of 22 mm. You will receive a set of 3 golf balls and we will print the same print on all three balls. Handy because if you lose one, you always have 2 spare golf balls with your own selected print on hand. A set of golf balls is fun to give as a gift for many different occasions. Think of a birthday, for example of your grandfather or uncle and aunt. Or what do you think of Father's Day? Also an anniversary or when you want to buy something for a business relation with whom you might play golf together, this is a unique gift.

Now you may think that printing a golf ball is difficult? Not at all! All you have to do is the following: you choose a print, you determine the colors of your print and fill in the text fields. Easy!


If you buy a set of golf balls at Bulbby, you will receive it in a nice box with a window. Through this window you see one of the golf balls with your own print. The brand of the golf ball is Callaway warbird. This is also printed on the back of the golf ball. The Pinnacle golf ball is designed for long distances. It has a high-energy core and a 2-piece design. The ball has a long flight path, a long distance and good control during impact.


Are you interested in golf balls with your own (company) logo? That is also possible. Please contact for this. Then we will be happy to make a no-obligation quotation for you! It is useful if you immediately send your logo as an EPS or AI file, so that we can look closely at the possibilities. Order quickly!

Product  features

  • Set: 3 pieces
  • Print size: max. 22 mm
  • Brand: Pinnacle (this is printed on the back)
  • Comes with box with window