Looking for a hooded cardigan for men with name or other printing? Then come take a look! High-quality hooded cardigans that can be personalised with your own name, print, nice text or quote or perhaps a funny picture. Everything is possible so go wild!

Hooded vest for men which can be printed with a name or text. Available in multiple colours and imprint possibilities.

Do you want to print your own hooded vest? At Bulbby we can print it just the way you like! You and you alone decide on the design. Do you want to get your clublogo or company logo printed on it? Please contact our customer service via info@bulbby.com and send along your logo, so we can see if we can print the logo. When you order multiple pieces, we can offer you a nice discount.

The hooded vest is ideal to wear during or after sports, but also then you're staying in on a cozy night home. They are very fashionable.

See our different colours and logos above and quickly have your hooded vest printed!

Product features

  • Pocket with small hole to put earphones through
  • Full zip close
  • Quantity discount available (for more information please email info@bulbby.com)