Beautiful wedding stickers in a wedding theme. These stickers can be personalized with your names, initials or wedding date. Fun decoration for your wedding day! It's a unique item that gives a personal touch to the wedding. These stickers are also fun to use as an accessory during a wedding photo shoot!


We deliver the sticker with a fastening spatula and instructions, so you can easily place the wedding sticker yourself. The sticker adheres semi-permanently. This means that the sticker can not just go off, but when you remove the sticker, you can remove it without leaving glue marks. Note: the sticker can not be reused.

The sticker adheres to smooth surfaces, such as lacquered wood, smooth plastic and metal.

Choose your favourite design in our design tool and decide which colour you woud like your wedding sticker. Enter the name, initials or wedding date of the bride and groom and voilà: you design a beautiful wedding sticker yourself!

Product features

  • 40 cm wide or 40 cm high
  • 60 cm wide or 60 cm high
  • Semi-permanent bonding (removable without glue traces)
  • Adheres to smooth surfaces (such as lacquered wood, smooth plastic, metal)