Whistle printing might not be the first thing you think of when looking for a gift for your coach. And that's exactly why it's such a nice and unique little gift. As a thank you because your coach is the best coach or as a handiness because the whistles always get lost. With a whistle with your name on it, this will surely not happen again!


At Bulbby, you can design the whistle all by yourself. On the next page (after you've clicked on the whistle), choose your favorite print from the different possibilities you see. Then decide on the color combination of your chosen print. The next step is the text. This is very easy to fill in in the text fields. Finally, you can also determine the printing color of the text. So you have designed it all by yourself and to your liking!


Is your father a coach or a trainer? Does he ever have to blow the whistle on your field hockey games? Then this whistle is also a super funny gift to give him on Father's Day. Make it a nice sports gift package by adding some other sports accessories.

Even if your father is not active in sports, he can make good use of it. Father's Day is his day, we all know that. When he needs something, he should of course be able to attract attention. So how convenient is it if he can do that by blowing the whistle? Is he in the mood for coffee? He whistles and you come running. Does he have cold feet? He whistles and you bring a pair of socks. Is he hungry? He whistles and you bring him a peanut butter sandwich. Super convenient, but only for 1 day in the year of course!

Get started with the design above and order quickly.

Product features

  • Print on both sides
  • Original gift for the best coach
  • Includes key ring to use as a keychain