Great success as a maternity gift is this sweet birth suitcase with name. Fun to keep the first memories of the baby and a nice addition to the nursery. Available in beautiful colors and a choice of many prints!

Would you like to purchase a nice suitcase for the birth of your child? This cute white suitcase is a very good option. You can personalize the case yourself, making it super unique. For example, have the name of your baby printed on it and/or the date of birth. With this design something beautiful to keep forever.


What can you do with this case that makes it so nice to keep it? For example, you can store the ultrasound photos and the very first baby photos in it. Because the name is printed on the suitcase, it is really the suitcase of your baby. That is why it is extra special to store personal things in it. You can also store the first romper, baby socks and cuddly toy. You can all decide it yourself! Later, the suitcase can also be used when the little one goes out for a seepover or wants to take toys to friends.


Personalizing the suitcase is super easy. First of all, you choose a print that you find cute and beautiful. Maybe you can find a print that matches the nursery or the birth announcement card, so that you can stick to a certain theme. Then you determine the color of the print and finally you fill in the text fields. It's that simple!


The nice thing about this suitcase is that you can also make a package out of it. In other words: a maternity package. If someone close to you is pregnant, you can pack all kinds of cute gifts in this suitcase. If you order multiple gifts from us and you want us to pack them in the suitcase. If it all fits and you have not ordered too many large things, you can always indicate this in the comments of your order! Then we do this with love for you.

Start with the design above in the design tool and order quickly!

**Productinformatie **

  • Material: sturdy carton
  • Size: 25 x 18 x 9 cm
  • Can be used as a maternity gift, suitcase or a case to store things
  • Printed with a UV printer. So no sticker