This Happy Horse tuttle Sky is a super cute stork who loves to cuddle! If you look at Sky, you will of course see that he is super cute already on his own. But at Bulbby you can make Sky even cuter by having a name, initials or date of birth embroidered in the belly. This also makes the tuttle very unique and personal. The stitching of the text that is embroidered is visible on the back of the belly.


This stork tuttle always wants to go out with your little one. Whether in the pram or the Maxi-Cosi, they certainly don't want to say goodbye to each other anymore! That is why it is actually very useful to purchase two cuddle cloths at the same time. When one has gotten dirty and really needs a wash, your little one won't notice this and his/her cuddly friend doesn't have to be missed because you have a spare. This also applies to losing the stork tuttle. Sometimes you don't realize it and you lose something along the way because it was thrown out of the stroller. A spare tuttle is also the perfect solution for this.


Embroidering Happy Horse tuttle Sky is very easy! You go through three simple steps for this and then we do the rest for you! First, you choose a font in which the name can be embroidered. Second, choose the color of the embroidery thread. Third, fill in the text field. Here you can enter the name of your baby or his/her date of birth. Whatever you like!

This stork cuddle cloth is super sweet for your own baby, but it is also a beautiful and unique maternity gift. If someone close to you is pregnant and you are still looking for a present, do not hesitate and give this stork as a gift!

Product features

  • Brand: Happy Horse
  • Washable at 30 degrees
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Embroidered, therefor child friendly
  • One line of text/name on the belly
  • Note: embroidery stitching is visible on the back