The YOS Bottle. Ideal for drinking plenty of water and always having your medicine and supplements on hand. Available in four different cheerful colors. With your own name on it, it is always clear which bottle is yours.

Bulbby has partnered with a super handy product that has recently hit the market and is known from television in The Netherlands; the YOS Bottle. It is a water bottle and medicine box in one. The meaning of YOS is: "Your Organized Supplements". The product was created with the idea that it helps people to take their medicines on time. A very good initiative. This pill bottle is also ideal for taking your vitamins or other supplements with you to work or while traveling. At Bulbby you can make the YOS Bottle even more unique by having a print, a name or other text printed on it.


The YOS Bottle Daily is one of two different variants of the bottle. This one has a daily pillbox. The different times of the day are indicated in English on the pillbox. This is divided into morning, afternoon, evening and night. A lot of people take medicines every day, ans also a lot of them forget to take them at least once a month. A handy product that helps you to take the medicines daily and at the right time is therefore a very good invention. In addition, it is a handy drinking bottle for yourself to drink enough water every day. Another positive point is that it contributes to a cleaner world because it is a refillable drinking bottle that you can use multiple times, unlike a disposable plastic bottle. You can choose between four beautiful colors of the drinking bottle.


What makes this drinking bottle and medicine box even more fun is the fact that you can have the side of the bottle printed with a nice print and a name or possibly another text. This makes it unique and personal. All you have to do to personalize the drinking bottle is to choose your favorite print, determine the color of the print and fill in the text you want printed on it.

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Product features

  • Content: 375 ml
  • Daily pillboxes: morning, afternoon, evening, night
  • Pillbox is attached to drinking bottle with a magnetic system
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Supports fight against pancreatic cancer