Santa Claus

Is your heart beating faster already? And do you like to give or rather receive Saint Nicholas gifts? Just a short countdown to 5 December! For young and old, Sinterklaas is one of the favourite holidays, which you can spend with family, friends or with your club or classmates.

Sinterklaas presents online

Are you looking for a nice original and personal Sinterklaas gift? Then you have come to the right place! We have fun and especially original Sinterklaas gifts. There is something for all ages. A nice tea box with a personal print for the tea lover, a sports shirt for the sportsman or woman, a new backpack for children or a cuddly toy printed with a name for the little ones.

Buying a shoe gift

There is a suitable shoe gift for every price range. For a shoe gift, you can think of a key ring with your name, a wallet with your name, a pair of nice gloves or a wooden hanger for the tree. So whether you're looking for a gift for the shoe, a nice gift for Christmas Eve, for a young or an older person, Bulbby has it all!

St. Nicholas Eve and the best surprises

Finally, it's time for a big surprise! It's time to read poems, reveal crazy surprises and unwrap presents. For the evening itself it is nice to put the presents in a Sinterklaas bag with the family name. Ideal and it can be used every year again. This Sinterklaas bag is also available in a smaller size, so you can buy a separate bag with presents for everyone.